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  • What is a First-Year Seminar course?
  • If a student transfers to UCA with fewer than 30 hours, does he/she need to take a FYS? Yes.
  • If a student transfers into UCA with more than 30 hours, does he/she need to take a FYS? No.
  • What if a student comes to UCA with 30 or more hours straight from high school due to AP and concurrent credit? Does that student still have to take a FYS? The UCA Core Director can waive the FYS requirement in individual cases such as this.
  • If a student has completed an AA degree from a public institution of higher education in Arkansas, has he/she completed the new UCA Core? Yes, although some majors may have specific requirements not satisfied by the transferred AA.
  • How can you tell if a student has completed an AA degree at a public institution from Arkansas? The transferred AA degree will be noted in the student’s advising notes.
  • What if a transfer student has his/her transcript evaluated by the Registrar’s Office, but he/she has some questions about whether or not a particular class could transfer into a certain category on the check sheet? Ask the student to email the UCA Core Director with the transcript and question, and she will take it from there: jcastner@uca.edu.
  • Is it true that students can double-dip under the new UCA Core? Yes, unless otherwise specified by major or minor requirements. Students can take courses that count for both the lower-division Core and their major, but they must still have 120 hours to graduate. Students will just have more flexibility in their electives.
  • Can current students switch to the new UCA Core? Yes, anytime. Advisors, please keep track of which plan students are following.
  • Can new students choose the old general education program? No.
  • Can students choose the old general education program if they attended the university previously, left the university for a year, and came back? No. They must follow the new UCA Core.
  • If juniors and/or seniors choose the new lower-division Core, do they have to follow the upper-division Core? Yes, if the relevant departments have already implemented their upper-division Core curriculum. If the relevant departments have not implemented their upper-division Core curriculum, then students will follow the curriculum in place.