Instructions for Developing the Upper-Division Core Proposal Package

1. Locate the form: Click on Forms, and then view the last form in the list, “Expedited Forms Upper-Division & Capstone.” (Here is a link to the form.)

2. Fill out one cover sheet per program. In the box that asks for Undergraduate Bulletin language, type “see attached.” Instructions follow for the attachment.

The order for the materials in the proposal package, then, will be the following:

  • Cover Sheet (just one for the entire proposal package)
  • Undergraduate Bulletin language (instructions)
  • Proposal 1 + its syllabus
  • Proposal 2 + its syllabus
  • Repeat

Please place all of the above materials in one Word file. Do not save as a pdf. The UCA Core Director will need a digital copy and a printed copy, but don’t submit the printed copy until the Curriculum Review Committee on the UCA Core Council has given you a list of revisions, and you’ve made them.

3. The “Learning Experience” section on the form is asking for a sample assignment to illustrate how the relevant Core designation will be addressed in the class. This section must make explicit connections to the goals of the relevant designation (Diversity, Critical Inquiry, Communication, Responsible Living). Be specific and detailed in this section.