UCA Core Council


From Faculty Handbook:

a. To review the current general education program and make appropriate
recommendations to the Council of Deans.
b. To review and recommend to the Council of Deans new and revised general
education curricula proposed by the various departments and colleges.
c. To initiate and recommend policies and procedures relevant to general
education requirements.

2. Membership:
a. Six full-time faculty serve as general education representatives elected by
all full-time faculty from among faculty who have taught general education
program with the last two years. No more than one representative from each
department or general education area may serve.
b. Six tenured or tenure-track faculty serve as college representatives. The
full-time faculty within each of the six colleges elect a representative.
c. Two students are invited to serve on the council representing the Student
Government Association.
d. The following serve as ex-officio, non-voting members

  • Associate Provost for Instructional Support
  • Director of the Library (or designee)

The director of the General Education Program serves as the chair of the
General Education Council. The council elects its secretary. Each council
member serves three years on a rotating basis for each of the first two

3. Meetings: X-period the first Tuesday of each month. On call other times as

4. Reports to: Provost

Questions? Contact UCA Core Director Dr. Jacob Held / jmheld@uca.edu / 450-3634