FYS Assessment

FYS courses should cover and assess for the following:

Assessments in these areas will be required for a course section to receive the FYS designation.

FYS Assessment Pilot Process: Please participate in the regular pilot process within your department except in the case of the “First-Year Seminar General Education and UCA Core Assessment” rubric located on the Assessment page. The assessment rubrics are the same from the FYS all the way through the capstone courses. For the “First-Year Seminar General Education and UCA Core Assessment” rubric, please use some of your assignments for teaching students about the importance of general education and our Core structure to see how well this rubric works, and email the UCA Core Director with your feedback. Use the Excel file for this rubric (located off of the Assessment page with the others). Please collect your feedback in just one Excel file–we aren’t gathering assessment data this semester, just feedback about the assessment forms and process. Email jmheld@uca.edu with any questions. Thank you!