Core Assessment Process

What will the UCA Core pilot assessment process look like?

Faculty will pilot the assessment rubrics this semester (fall 2013) and next semester (spring 2014). A faculty group will revise the rubrics as per the pilot feedback  during the first summer session of 2014 in time for fall 2014. Thus, feedback about how the rubrics should be revised must be sent to by the end of the semester spring 2014. This academic year is about revising the rubrics rather than collecting data. Stephanie Watson from the Accounting Department has created Excel forms that will provide the interface for this pilot. The Excel forms are attached at the bottom of this page. If you are a FYS instructor, click here to read about FYS assessment.

All departments should participate in the pilot process to make sure the rubrics work for their programs. Please get together with faculty in your department to test the efficacy of the pilot rubrics by using them to score some relevant student assignments. Chairs have identified courses in each department that have relevant assignments. These are the courses that have been designated as part of the pilot process.

It is important for as many faculty as possible to be part of the process of using the pilot rubrics to score some of the relevant assignments for those courses. Then, there will be a department-wide sense of the effectiveness of the rubrics for that program. This academic year isn’t about data collection; it’s about testing the assessment rubrics. As a result, the UCA Core Council needs just one Excel form  per rubric per programmatic area. The information on the feedback tab should be filled out.

The result of this process will be that the group revising the assessment rubrics this summer will have the collective wisdom from each department’s area. There will be less room for misinterpretation if faculty groups within programs provide the UCA Core Council with the wishes of the programmatic faculty group as a whole.

The Excel forms with assessment rubric feedback should go to the UCA Core Director by the end of the spring semester (2014): Dr. Jacob Held (

Excel Forms:


The General Core Assessment Process in the Post-Pilot Phase:

Once departments have collected, analyzed, and reported their data, the assessment process for Core courses will work in the following way:

[Assessment reports for Core courses] will … be shared [with the UCA Core Director] and reviewed by the Core Council. Data will be analyzed in the semester following its collection. The Core Council will share data with relevant chairs and post it on the Core web site. The data will be shared in the semester after it is collected. The Director of the UCA Core will be responsible for sharing data with chairs and letting them know when changes seem to be indicated. Data and faculty feedback should be shared within one academic year from the date of collection. The relevant department chairs will be responsible for addressing any changes that are indicated by the data and for reporting those changes to the Core Council through the Director of the UCA Core. (“Program-Level Continuous Improvement Process Report”)

Coming Soon: We will be able to input and share assessment data via Digital Measures.

Will we be able to track individual students across courses and programs, etc.? There are no plans for individual student tracking at this time. We are primarily interested in viewing a snapshot of student facility with the Core competencies at each level.

In short, the new Core structure has provided a cohesive general education structure that will enable assessment of the four Core competencies through the senior year. The current assessment process will provide static pictures of general education programmatic effectiveness at each level.