Ida Waldran Auditorium

Ida Waldran Auditorium RenovationSince its completion and dedication in 1937, Ida Waldran Auditorium has served as a venue for untold numbers of UCA students, faculty, staff and Arkansans in general.

Named in honor of Miss Ida Waldran, Dean of Women from the school’s opening in 1908 until her death in 1937, the 1,198-seat auditorium has been the setting for many UCA and high school band, orchestra and choral concerts, plays, dance recitals, political gatherings, pageants and numerous other events. It has also hosted many well-known and even famous artists, speakers, writers, politicians and celebrities.

For example, one of the first truly famous people to perform in Ida Waldran Auditorium was Margaret Truman. On March 6, 1952, Margaret Truman, the daughter of President Harry Truman, sang to a standing-room-only crowd. Miss Truman performed several songs and according to an article by Log Cabin Democrat reporter Joe McGee, “Margaret Truman is a singer and a showman. She appeared before 1,300 persons at Arkansas State Teachers College last night. I don’t know whether her singing was good or bad, but as a showman she’s tops.”

In honor of the 75th anniversary of Ida Waldran Auditorium, the fundraising goal for the evening is to continue the renovation effort that began last year. With this event, we will raise enough to funds to purchase of a new electric projection screen and video/computer projector, which has been identified by our students as a top priority.