Prospective Interns



  • 15-month post-baccalaureate program
  • Beginning mid-May and concluding mid-August of the next year
  • 1200 hours of supervised practice, 5 day orientation, and ~200 didactic hours
  • Full time supervised practice over two summers (12 weeks each summer) with additional six weeks of supervised practice during fall and spring semesters


  • Program area of concentration is Community Nutrition
  • Planned learning experiences include but are not limited to public and university school settings, hospitals, local health departments, wellness facilities, specialty clinics, retirement communities, physician’s offices, extended care facilities, the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, and the Department of Health and Human Services
  • ~40 facilities with qualified preceptors are available for rotation experiences in the area
  • The majority of facilities are located within 50 miles of UCA, however some facilities may be located beyond the 50 mile radius
  • Interns are responsible for their own living arrangements and the use of a vehicle is mandatory in order to commute to assigned rotations


  • Supervised practice in two summers allows for completion of Master’s Degree with additional courses taken in fall and spring semesters
  • Community concentration for those who desire careers in non-traditional settings including but not limited to public health, school nutrition, Cooperative Extension and corporate wellness


Anticipated Costs for Dietetic Interns


Estimated Cost
Graduate Application Fee
Graduation Fee
Cap, Gown, & Master’s Hood
Tuition and Fees
·        Resident (tuition and mandatory fees per credit hour, $383.85/credit hour X 24 credits)
·        Non-Resident (tuition and mandatory fees per credit hour, $586.60/credit hour X 24 credits)
Additional information:
Malpractice Insurance (provided by program)
Personal Health Insurance ($112 per summer)
Car / Rental Insurance
Drug testing if required by the supervised practice site (variable)
Immunizations if applicable
Travel (variable depending on rotation site and living arrangements)
Housing (highly variable, additional information at:
Books, Laptop, Internet Service (varies greatly)
RD Exam Review School
Student Professional Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic Membership
Lab coat, shoes, uniforms, NFPE equipment
Arkansas Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics conference registration
Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo registration, housing, transportation**
~$22,000 -37,000
*The internship program covers the costs associated with background checks and practice exams for the registration exam for dietitians.
**FNCE cost varies greatly depending on location.
Interns are not required to live in university housing.
Interns are required to maintain an active email account and have daily computer access.


Department of Housing & Residence Life


Phone: 501-450-3132

Fax: 501-450-5374


Department of Financial Aid


Phone: (501) 450-3140
Fax: (501) 450-5159


Foundation Scholarships


Phone: (501) 450-5288

Fax: (501) 450-5293


Departmental Scholarships


Phone: (501) 450-5950

Fax: (501) 450-5958




  • Completion of Baccalaureate Degree within past five years or evidence of recency of educational preparation.
  • Statement of Verification regarding completion of Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) or Intent to complete form from an accredited DPD.
  • Work experience in nutrition related area, under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian.


  • Official transcript(s) of course work from all colleges and universities attended must be provided to DICAS and to the UCA MSDI Director.

Grade Point Average   

  • Minimum overall 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Preferred overall 3.5 GPA with 3.0 science GPA (on a 4.0 scale)

Graduate Record Exam

  • Successful applicants typically score at least 300 on the GRE composite (150 verbal and 150 quantitative or above), and a 3 or above on writing.

UCA Graduate School

  • UCA graduate school enrolled is required of dietetic interns.  Information on graduate school admission requirements can be found at
  • Completion of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) with score forwarded to UCA Graduate School.

UCA DI Specific Items

  • Complete the Hot-File-Form-and-Authority-to-Release-Information. On page one, complete the “Person” box only.  Do not complete page two.  On page three, complete in full, upload in DICAS.
  • Proof of current Serve Safe Certification—upload certificate in DICAS.
  • Documentation of two recent TB skin tests the last of which will remain valid through summer—upload copies in DICAS.



Interns are required to enroll and pay for 24 hours of graduate credit (24 of which count towards the Master of Science degree).  The outline below details the breakdown of the hours:


First Summer – Management Emphasis

Summer I (6 hours):    FACS 5315 Nutrition Services Practicum I (does not count towards MS degree)

FACS 5316 Nutrition Services Practicum II (does not count towards MS degree)

Summer II (6 hours):  FACS 5317 Community Nutrition Practicum

FACS 5321 Nutrition Services Administration


Fall between Summers (3 hours):     FACS 5324 Nutritional Assessment


Spring between Summers (3 hours): NUTR 6335 Nutrition Counseling

Second Summer – Clinical Emphasis

May Intersession (3 hours):     FACS 5318 Clinical Nutrition Practicum

10-Week (3 hours):                    FACS 6313 Diet Therapy

NOTE:  Students are expected to maintain a 3.0 average in all graduate level coursework.




  • Monday – Friday
    • Days
      • Supervised practice rotations for 8 hours / day
    • Evenings
      • Classes 1 day/week for 1-3 hours / week


  • Monday – Friday
    • Days
      • Classes 1 day/week for 1-3 hours / week
      • Supervised practice rotations for 8 hours / day but not every day
    • Evenings
      • Rotation required events PRN


HOW TO APPLY (for pre-select option)

The University of Central Arkansas dietetic internship participates in the pre-select option to computer matching for students receiving verification statements from UCA DPD. The preselect deadline is January 15 each spring. It is open to all students who receive a verification statement from the UCA DPD. Applications can be dropped off in McAlister Hall 100 or mailed to Dr. Alicia Landry, 201 Donaghey Avenue, McAlister Hall 100, Conway, AR 72035. There is no application fee and no need to use DICAS. The applicant will be notified confirming his/her acceptance status in the program by February 1.

If pre-selected, the applicant’s name and social security number are submitted to D&D Digital Systems, Inc. to ensure that the applicant will not participate in the computer match. If the applicant is not selected through the pre-select process, he/she may apply to any DI including UCA DI through the computer matching process.

Application Materials for Pre-select Option

Pre-selection applicants will have to submit a paper application. They cannot use the online DICAS application.

  • UCA DI PreSelect Application Packet_Fall 2017
  • Download and complete the preselect application checklist. Note: this is different from the checklist for DICAS applicants.
  • Complete the Dietetic_Internship_Program_Application_Paper
  • Application cover letter (professional letter format)
  • 3 letters of reference using the DI Recommendation Form_paper
  • Handwritten Essay: An essay of 150 words or less describing a significant experience, achievement or risk that you have taken and the impact it has had on you.
  • Personal Statement: Typed essay of 1000 words or less. Questions to be addressed in order in the personal statement include:
  • Why do you want to enter the dietetics profession?
  • Discuss experiences that have helped to prepare you for your career.
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses or areas needing improvement?
  • Resume: A current summary of your academic, employment and professional activities. Please include your email address.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Complete the hot file and release of information form for a background check.  On page one, complete the “Person” box only.  Do not complete page two.  On page three, complete in full.  Provide the completed form to the UCA DI Director before the application deadline
  • Proof of current Serve Safe Certification
  • Documentation of two recent TB skin tests the last of which will remain valid through summer-upload copies in DICAS or provide to UCA DI Director.


HOW TO APPLY (for spring match—not preselect option)

The University of Central Arkansas participates in the spring match via D & D Digital Systems and DICAS and is approved for 12 dietetic interns.

  • Your DPD Director should have an application checklist or other guidelines to follow.
  • Completion of the on-line application (DICAS), which can be accessed at https://portal.dicas.orgA personal statement and three references are part of the DICAS application.
  • Participation in the computer matching program sponsored by D & D Digital Systems, which can be accessed at The UCA DI participates in D & D Digital computer matching process.  Applicants rank their choice of internships using codes supplied by D & D.
    • In DICAS, upload:
      • All official transcripts
      • Proof of two negative TB skin tests good through August
      • Hot file and release of information form
      • ServSafe Certificate


HOW TO APPLY (for ISPP option)

The University of Central Arkansas is approved to accept one dietetic intern for the Individualized Supervised Practice Program option. This candidate must hold a PhD in nutrition or related field.


Selection Criteria / Minimum Qualifications for ISPP Candidates:

  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Hold a PhD in a nutrition related field.
  • Required to arrange and secure all practicum placements for the internship. It is recommended you have majority of your sites confirmed prior to applying.

Coursework requirements for applicants who hold a PhD will be evaluated on an individual basis for recency.

Application Process for PhD Applicants

  1. Complete ISPP_Application_Form_2015
  2. Apply to the UCA graduate school online and pay $25.00 application fee.
  3. Mail the ISPP Application form and a copy of your resume/CV.  Please mail all application materials to the MSDI Director, Alicia Landry.
  4. Request 3 letters of recommendation to be sent to the MSDI Director, Alicia Landry @
  5. Proof of AND Membership
  6. Request all applicable Official Transcripts to be mailed to:

Alicia Landry, PhD, RDN, LDN, SNS
Assistant Professor & MSDI Director
McAlister Hall 100
201 Donaghey Avenue
Conway, AR 72035

**Date of B.S. & PhD degree conferral must be included.

Application Review Process

  • The UCA MSDI selection process involves a committee of faculty and preceptors who review applications along with the MSDI Director.
  • Each applicant is reviewed by multiple committee members who then meet to discuss applicants and assist in the ranking process.
  • An objective protocol is used to ensure all applicants are held to the same standard and ranked fairly.
  • All members of the selection committee adhere to the Code of Ethics for the Profession of dietetics.