Slant Summer 2012: Table of Contents

Paul  Willis                                 The Visitor from Hollywood: Reports on Her   Day Job
C. D. Albin Cicero Jack and Snake at Sunset                                            
Judith Askew The Visit      
June Frankland Baker Life Mask                                                          
Kristin Berkey-Abbott Homestead Acts                   
Zan Bockes The Gold Box                                                       
Beverly Boyd Lost                                       
Jerry Bradley Running with Scissors                           
Gaylord Brewer Checking for Poachers on Christmas                                            
Mark Burgh Whitman Meets Poe on Broadway in 1834: He Has a Premonition
of the Washington Patent Office in 1863 Ann Buxie Without God,
All Other Loves Are Painful
Susana H. Cas Oma Tupa, Oma Lupa                                           
Robert Cooperman A Play about Abraham Lincoln: Second Grade, P. S. 217, 1953                                                                     
Elizabeth Danson Studying La Cigale et la Fourmi  in a Long-Ago French Class                                                                                                
Holly Day Golem                              
Mark Defoe The Sparrows at McDonald’s
Christine DeSimone Cheese and the Mathematician
James Dickson Circadian Arrhythmia
Deborah Doolittle  Photographs Well with Birds                
Sharon Doyle The Communion of Saints                                              
Ellen Her License Plate                                 
Jean Esteve Coffee                                   
Linda M. Fischer From the Window                                    
Robert Funge Caution: Winding Road Ahead                                    
Peggy Garrison Summerscape          
Lara Adams Gaydos Every Chilldhood Should have a Fountain                                                
Stephen Gibson Z                  
David Hathwell Slipping off the Raft                                            
Jerry Hauser The Winding                                                                   
JJ Chen Henderson To Wash My Father’s Coat  
Marianna Hofer The Apprentice Photographer and the Purpose of Love                                               
Ruth Holzer Fall                                  
Rob Jacques Edward FitzGerald                              
Marc Jampol Reincarnationas Aspects of the Cold War                                                 
Bert C. Klotz  Magician                                                       
Sandra Kohler Swiss Vignettes                                                               
Jacpueline Kolosoy Terra
Shanie Latham An Apology                                                       
Naton Leslie What You See, What You Get                                                                              
John Liddy Flashback                                                
Lyn Lifshin Expulsion from the Garden                                                                         
Joanne Lowery A Penny for Your Grief                                                  
Ron McFarland Regrets                                                                                        
Joyce Meyers In the Kitchen                                                                                                       
William Miller The “Stella?” Contest
George H. Nrthrup Notes from the Underground
Randy Phillis Midlife                                                                    
Marjorie Power Her Shawl Removed
Gilbert Wesley Purdy To Scale                                    
John Repp Setting the Ridge Pole                                                                                                       
Dennis Ross Moment at the Peak                                                                             
Anele Rubin There Is a Time                                            
David Salner John Clare Excapes the Asylum                                                                                                                                   
Nancy Scott An Incomplete History of Mercury                                                                                                                                
Judy Singleton The Doily Came Undone                                                                                                                      
Lee Slonimsky Pythagoras, Pacifis                                                                                                             
Matthew J. Spireng Farm Wars                                                                                                 
David Stephenson Newton                                                                                                             
Christine Swint Courting, 1955                                                                                                                                       
Mark Taksa Dancing in Staid Shoes                                                                                                                      
Robert Tremmel End of the World                                                                                 
Presley Vischniac Calliope’s Wail              
Mark Vogel Origins Forgotten (New Madrid Earthquake)                                                                   
Timothy Walsh My Career in the Secret Mission Service                                                                                              
Charles Harper Webb Smallest Dragon                                                                                                         
Fred Yannantuono Turpin                                                                                                                                       
Ellen Roberts Young Pasts for Sale                                                                                                                                                       
William Snyder, Jr.    









David Stephenson Lab Rat                                                                                                                                             
Bradley R. Strahan Even These                                                                                                         
Helen Tzagoloff Gift for Stalin                                                                                                                                                                 
Charles Harper Webb Triggerfish                                                                                                                                                       
Jesse Wide No Desire to Understand                                                                                                
Adam A. Wilcox Execution                                                                                                                 
Daniel Williams An Unkindness of Ravens                                                                                              
Mark Wisniewski Woman, You Know Who You Are                                                                                         
Fred Yannantuono Fisheye