The Master of Arts Program in English at UCA

Candidates must fulfill one of the following plans:

Satisfactorily complete 30 hours of English and pass a comprehensive examination based upon the department's Master's Reading List.

Satisfactorily complete 24 hours of English, pass a comprehensive examination based upon the department's Master's Reading List, prepare a thesis for which 6 hours of credit are earned, and pass an oral examination over the subject matter of the thesis.

Visit the following links for more information about  the M.A. English Comprehensive Exam: Policies and Procedures Reading ListSample Exams, Exam Dates, and Information Sessions.

In both plans, at least 15 of the student's 30 hours must consist of 6000-level courses. All students pursuing the Master of Arts in English are required to pass

____ ENGL 5360 History and Structure of the English Language
____ ENGL 5366 Literacy Theory and Criticism
____ ENGL 6393 Research Methods in English

The department strongly recommends that ENGL 6393 be taken at the earliest opportunity.

Upon acceptance into the graduate program, each student will be advised by a member of the department's graduate faculty and will procure a Master's Reading List from the departmental secretary. At or near the end of the candidate's program, the Coordinator of Graduate Study and members of the graduate faculty will give the student a comprehensive, written examination. If the candidate's performance is unsatisfactory, the student may be re-examined during one of the regularly scheduled comprehensive exam periods.

Should the student elect the thesis option, he or she will select a major professor to direct the thesis. When the thesis is submitted, an oral examination will be given by a committee composed of the major professor, a member of the graduate faculty (to be appointed by the departmental chairperson), and a member of the graduate faculty from outside the Department of English.