Early Childhood P-4 Undergraduate Degree Program

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Rene’ Crow
Phone:  (501) 450-5442

Advisors: Dr. Kathleen Atkins (initial transfer students)
Dr. Candice Barnes
Dan Barrington (transfer students)
Donna Cain
Dr. Mark Cooper
Dr. Rene’ Crow
Dr. Janet Filer
Angela Greenland
Lisa Herrington (transfer students)
Leeann Howard
Dr. Mary Pearson

Please note: The P-4 Early Childhood and Special Education Program transitioned to Elementary Education beginning Fall 2014. The information provided below is for the current P-4 candidates who will be program graduates by December 2015.

Early Childhood Professional Preparation

The Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education (formerly Department of Early Childhood and Special Education) is committed to implementation of an exemplary P-4 program based on the essential knowledge of current research findings and sound professional practices, dispositions necessary to excel in collaborative and interactive relationships, and exceptional performances implemented in today’s ever changing early childhood classrooms. Teacher education candidates graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas and qualify for an initial license for teaching children preschools through fourth grade. They achieve successful preparation through a dynamic and changing process to ensure the quality of educators in the 21st century and their ability to meet the needs of a diverse society. Teacher candidates gain expertise in areas of child development, academic content, and pedagogy with specialized emphasis on technology, collaboration, family/community, reflective decision-making, and diversity.

The Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Early Childhood Education (P-4) is a 120 hour program consisting of general education classes and specialized education classes as identified on our check sheet. They also need to complete field experiences in schools (Junior Block Field Packet; Internship I Field Packet). Here is a list of school liaisons for all partnership schools. For information on admission, field experiences and directed teaching, please see Candidates’ Services.  Teacher Candidates who successfully complete this program and meet other requirements established by the state of Arkansas will be eligible to seek an initial teacher’s license through the Arkansas Department of Education.

Information for ELSE P-4 Students