Mashburn Center for Learning Recent News

Recent News

February 16th Administrators’ Leadership Summit

Administrators representing approximately 20 districts and 30 schools have been invited to attend the Administrators’ Leadership Summit February 16th from 10:00 to 3:00 on the University of Central Arkansas campus. The leadership summit is sponsored by the UCA-Mashburn Center for Learning. The primary purpose is to develop a professional learning community among the administrators involved in the Arkansas Adolescent Literacy Intervention.

Coming Event

The UCA-Mashburn Center for Learning will conduct its third Potential Professional Development Institute the week of June 21. Debbie Cooke will be the PPDI leader and UCA’s Dr. Patty Kohler-Evans will co-teach. The PPDI is for people who strive to become SIM Certified Professional Developers. Once the participants complete the PPDI, they serve as apprentices under supervision.

Its Happening in Arkansas

Nine newly certified professional developers are providing professional development to their school sites. Two of the nine PDer’s work at the NW education cooperative. It is exciting to know that Arkansas is growing the PDer’s to serve their schools/districts. There are also nine apprentices preparing for SIM certification. They are providing professional development under the supervision of their mentors, Ms. Linda Watts, Ms. Renee Calhoon, and Dr. Kohler-Evans.