Future of the Mashburn Center for Learning

UCA’s Mashburn Center for Learning continues to make plans to build statewide capacity to help educators work more effectively with students who struggle academically. A sustained effort must occur to close the performance gap between students prone to fail and students prone to excel. Many students who fail or fall far behind become increasingly disconnected from the very fabric of the school environment. They develop a sense of hopelessness and fall prey to gangs, delinquency, and crime. They become dependent upon our society rather than becoming adults our society can depend upon. The nation is calling for more scientifically based practices to address the present challenges. State departments are calling for more highly qualified teachers to use research based practices. UCA’s Mashburn Center for Learning has every intention to forge partnerships with the state department, legislators, policy makers, school district administrators, and teachers for the purpose of increasing academic achievement among struggling learners.  The residue of such partnerships can reduce the drop-out rate, increase the graduation rate, promote economic benefits, and bring a sense of hope to a greater number of students. Students who fail stop dreaming. UCA’s Mashburn Center for Learning strives to help all adolescents to dream.