AALI Leadership Institute

AALI Leadership Institute Summary

AALI Clearinghouse

The UCA-Mashburn Center for Learning AALI Clearinghouse is a new organizational structure designed to provide a system of professional development for schools participating in the Arkansas Adolescent Literacy Intervention (AALI).  The primary purpose is to help build capacity for implementing SIM in districts across Arkansas. After schools review the Content Enhancement or Learning Strategies Arkansas Commissioner’s Memo, they express interest to the clearinghouse team by submitting an interest form. Once the interest form is submitted, the director of the clearinghouse makes contact with the school and/or district administrator to discuss the intervention. If the school decides to apply for the professional development, they complete the school and individual commitment forms and submit them to the clearinghouse.  The leadership team reviews the commitment forms and considers their application for professional services.  Upon approval of their application, a professional developer is assigned to the school site to provide professional services and communicate with the school leadership team regarding student data and alignment of the intervention with school goals and objectives. After reviewing data, the professional developer and school leadership team determine dates for two professional development activities in Content Enhancement Routines or Learning Strategies, two coaching visits, and two fidelity checks.  When the dates are determined, the professional developer communicates these dates to the clearinghouse.  The professional developer is responsible for continuous communication with the clearinghouse regarding submission of agendas, summaries, and evaluations of professional services provided at each participating site.  The clearinghouse will be a central location for all record keeping regarding the AALI professional learning.