Joe Horton

Joe Horton

Professor of Economics

COB 211H

(501) 450-5310

Dr. Horton received his BA in History from New Mexico State University and his PhD in Economics from Southern Methodist University. He received a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship and a Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard University.

Professor Horton teaches Principles of Economics, Global Environment of Business, and Comparative Economic systems. He is the author of more than one hundred scholarly articles published in journals such as The Journal of Private Enterprise, The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, The Journal of Commerce and Management, The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, and the American Economist. He received the Best Conceptual Paper award at the 2009 International Academy of Business Disciplines meeting.Dr. Horton’s colleagues from around the nation and the world have elected him to numerous offices in professional associations including Vice President of the Eastern Economic Association, President of the North American Economics and Finance Association (now International Banking, Economics, and Finance Association), President of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, President of the Congress of Political Economists International, President of the Pennsylvania Economic Association, and President of Arkansas College Teachers of Economics and Business. He is currently Secretary of the Academy of Business Economics and a member of the Boards of the American Society for Competitiveness, the International Academy of Business Disciplines, and the Congress of Political Economists.

Prior to joining UCA as Dean in 1996 Dr. Horton held teaching, research, and administrative appointments at Bellarmine University, the University of Scranton, and the FDIC.

ECON 2310 — Global Environment of Business
ECON 2321 — Principles of Microeconomics

I am from Texas but have lived in Pennsylvania, “Kentuckiana,” Maryland, and New Mexico.

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Ph.D. SMU B.A. New Mexico State
Been at UCA since September 3, 1996