COE Goals

College of Education 2016-17 Goals:

  1. The College will strengthen partnerships with schools, agencies, and community organizations to ensure program quality and maximize college and career readiness for the COE graduate and undergraduate students.
  2. The College will maintain external recognition by continuing to meet the rigorous CAEP accreditation and state program approval standards and/or SPA standards for initial and advanced educator preparation programs.  Programs that are non-accredited will receive strong reviews as part of their external review process.
  3. The College will sustain a data-driven quality assurance system for continuous program improvement and innovation focused on completers’ positive impact on student learning and development.
  4. The College will recruit, retain, and support high quality teacher candidates, graduate students, faculty, and staff with the recognition that diversity is a necessary condition for excellence.
  5.  The College will incorporate transformational learning opportunities and innovative activities into its academic programs that positively impact our students, P-12 education, and the community.
  6. The faculty in the College of Education will be actively involved in the improvement of teaching, learning, and the assessment through their research/scholarship.