Reading Center

Reading Center


UCA Reading Success Center Fosters


“Feeling of Success”

The UCA Reading Success Center provides students in the Central Arkansas area with improved achievement and abilities in reading and language arts.  Two sessions are held each summer and all Center activities are designed to help students increase their reading and writing skills and feel better about themselves as users of the language.

Support of Regular School Programs

The Center directly supports regular school reading and writing programs and uses varied approaches and materials.  Diagnosis and broad-based assessment procedures provide information to identify each student’s strengths and needs.  An individual reading success plan is formulated for each student.

Experienced Teachers

Instruction is provided by experienced teachers who are pursuing advanced degrees in reading and education.  Under their guidance, students work individually and in small groups to improve literacy and reading abilities.  A great deal of reading and writing is the heart of the program, and the student’s own interests and needs are the focus of Center activities.

Student Authors

Students read a wide range of books and materials.  They also write and publish their own books and leave a copy of the book for future Reading Center students to read.  They also maintain a portfolio of examples of their best reading and writing achievements.

Parent/School Conferences

Portfolios and books are one source of information shared with parents during the parent conference held at the end of each session.  Also shared are the results of diagnostic and analytic assessment conducted before and during the instruction at the Center.  Conclusions and recommendations are shared with parents and also are made available to the school.

Who Can Attend?

Students from school districts throughout the Central Arkansas area are recommended for the Reading Success Center by teachers, administrators and, in some cases, parents.

Programs Available

Summer Semester: Reading Success Center (Sessions I and II) for students in Grades 1 through 8

Fall Semester: Diagnosis and Assessment Services

Spring Semester: Special Reading Enrichment Program for students in Grades 1 through 8

For more information, contact:

Dr. Mary Ellen Oslick


University of Central Arkansas

Conway, AR 72035-0001