UNIV 1300 – Transitional Writing

Undergraduate Bulletin Course Description

An introduction to the skills needed in college-level writing. Entering students with an ACT score below 19 in English are required to register for this course during their first enrollment period and during each subsequent enrollment period until they earn a course grade of C or higher. The grade in this course will not be used to compute semester and cumulative grade point averages. The course does not count toward any degree. Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer.

Course Objectives:

Writing classes are about writing; as such, students should be prolific in the work they turn out. This includes formal assignments that are longer and graded as well as informal writing in the form of journals, in-class assignments, and peer response.

Students will demonstrate that:

1. They have been introduced to the language of the writing classroom and the writing process.

2. They are willing and able to revise their text to the satisfaction of the instructor.

3. They have been introduced to peer review and editing and participated to the instructor’s satisfaction.

4. They can actively read text and critically respond to that text in both in-class discussions and in resulting writing assignments.

5. They can fulfill all attendance and class participation requirements as well as turn in all class assignments on or before the deadline.

6. They can produce writing appropriate to audience and purpose.


To pass Transitional Writing, students must consecutively complete each of three objectives:

1. Achieve a passing grade of 70% or better for the class, which includes meeting all attendance requirements and completing all work.

2. Produce a short essay demonstrating control of structure and mechanics; the essay must receive a passing grade of 70% or better when holistically peer-graded by a U.C. instructor.

3. Achieve the ACT equivalent of a 19 or higher on the writing portion of the COMPASS test.

By the end of Transitional Writing, UNIV 1300 students should be prepared to fulfill the goals of Writing 1310.

It is the policy of the University of Central Arkansas that any student who is required to complete transitional course work in reading, writing or mathematics must complete the courses required for remediation within three attempts per area at UCA with a grade of C or higher. Unsuccessful attempts are those that result in a grade of D, F, W, WP, or WF. Failure to complete the required course(s) within three attempts per area will result in suspension from UCA.

Students are required to pass this course with a grade of “C” or higher.

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