UNIV 1100 – University Studies

Undergraduate Bulletin Course Description

This course is designed to aid students in being successful at a collegiate level as well as in their personal lives. There are two primary goals: (1) Empower students to become successful learners at the collegiate level. (2) Empower students to develop a realistic sense of themselves as healthy citizens in a university, professional, public and global community. Requirements: This course is required for all University College students regardless of ACT score. This course is also required for any UCA student who is enrolled in a transitional reading and/or writing course.  The grade in this course will not be used to compute semester and cumulative grade point averages. The course does not count toward any degree. Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer.

Course Objectives:

Develop/reinforce academic skills necessary for success in college courses with an emphasis on note taking, text reading, time management, and test preparation strategies.

  • Ease transition/adjustment to college
  • Increase knowledge of UCA’s history, mission, and goals
  • Expose students to cultural events on campus
  • Demonstrate improvement in written and oral communication
  • Work and learn in collaboration with others
  • Think critically; develop skills and the inclination to raise thoughtful questions and evaluate issues
  • Take responsibility for individual learning and achievement.

Student Outcomes:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Locate administrative offices for assistance in registration, career planning, and finance aid.
  • Match your interest and abilities with careers and majors
  • Use the email system
  • Access library resources
  • Increase awareness of academic success strategies including time management, textbook reading, note taking, and test taking.

Grading System:

The student’s grade will be determined by these factors:

  • Completion of written and e-mail assignments
  • Mid-term exam and final examination

Students are required to pass this course with a grade of “C” or higher.

To learn more about the University Studies course, please contact:

University College
Main Hall, Room 10
Phone: 501-450-3220