PRISM Alliance


Pride, Raising Awareness, Involvement, Support and Mentoring Alliance

PRISM serves the LGBTQIA community of UCA including student, faculty, staff and alumni.  PRISM was formed in 1997 and has grown to be an influential organization in motivating the student body to open themselves up to diversity, especially diverse sexual and gender –related orientations.  The alliance also works to promote awareness, equality and understanding, and to dispense LGBTQQIA –related information campus-wide.  In addition, it strives to offer support services  for LGBTQQIA students.  PRISM is UCA’s Gay-straight Alliance and is a registered student organization.  Everyone is welcome to be involved regardless of gender orientation/expression or sexual orientation.


PRISM 2014 Fall Officers:

Taylor Brady – President –

Ricky Palos – Vice President –

Addie Rule – Secretary/Treasurer –

Chloe Zedlitz – Support Chair –

Shelby Gale – Public Relations –

Jessica Depew – Activist –

Tanner VanDevender – Historian –

Chaniqua Frazier – Education Chair –