Praxis I Exam

Students can practice the reading and writing portions of the Praxis I exam in the Center for Writing and Communication (CWC) and receive feedback from our trained consultants as they work. Click here to schedule an appointment. All appointments for Praxis I practice are one hour. 

Praxis Reading

Students interested in preparing for the reading section of the exam work with consultants to develop active readings skills. We have many Praxis I sample questions for reading. During the first visit to the CWC, a consultant will ask the student to answer some of those questions. Based on the student’s answers, the consultant will provide targeted active reading strategies for that student.

Praxis Writing

To work on the timed writing portion, students should make a one hour long appointment. Students are assigned one of the writing prompts each time they come in for practice. The first 30 minutes will be used to complete the timed writing. The second 30 minutes will be spent with a consultant scoring and reviewing the writing.

We encourage students to practice often in preparation for the exam. Improving writing skills takes time.

We also offer assistance with the multiple choice portion through NorthStar learning. When you come in, a consultant will set up an account for you and guide you through a quick diagnostic test. When you’ve completed the test, your consultant will help you develop test preparation strategies based on the results.