Deborah Kuster

Instructional Consultant

McAlister 314

(501) 450-5785

Dr. Deborah Kuster is a Professor in the Art Department, with her teaching emphasis in art education. Deborah joined the art faculty at UCA in the Fall of 2003 and the IDC staff in 2011. She teaches and supervises interns in Art Ed Practicum and Internships I and II. In addition she teaches a Fibers studio course, her media as an artist.

As a scholar, her prime concern is to influence the practice of art education with a focus on curriculum development and museum education. Current research includes a longitudinal case study of three art teachers' development from novice to experienced; museum collaborations for pre-service teachers; and K-16 partnerships for professional development and retention.

Her role in the IDC includes facilitating the Teaching Portfolio and Teaching Observation Partners workshops, Instructional Consultations, Teaching Circles, and Book Discussion Groups.