CSM 2014 Summer Reg



    For May lessons or Strings Camp                   April 28-May 2       (Mail, Phone, or email registration beginning April 22- May 15)
    For Summer I lessons or Strings Camp          May 29-30              (Mail, Phone, or email registration beginning May 5-June 11)
    For Summer II lessons                                      June 26-27             (Mail, Phone, or email registration beginning June 16)
  • Location:  UCA Snow Fine Arts Center 
  • You may also register before and after the walk-in dates, during office hours - 8:00am - 12 noon and 1 - 5:00 pm.  The walk-in dates, however, are your opportunity to come into our office, meet our staff if you haven't had the chance before, and see where your lessons will be held.

You may register early for private or group lessons by phone, FAX or e-mail, as long as openings are available.  You do not have to register during the walk-in dates.  If you are unable to register before the semester begins and can't register during the first week of lessons, we will accept new students as long as we have a teacher available.  Do not e-mail or fax your credit card information or social security number. Please call us with that information.

Download the registration form above if available (requires Adobe Reader). If you cannot download it, we will be happy to mail or e-mail you one. 

To contact someone at the Community School, call Jann Bryant, director, @ 501-450-5755, or Teresa Bumgarner, assistant @501-450-3672; or e-mail us at or for additional information.

As long as our teachers have openings and our group classes still have openings, we will try to assist you in registering for classes up until the first lesson or class meeting of the semester.   We can normally accept new students in group classes up until the second class meets.  If you are not familiar with our campus, please check our map.  Thank you!

map directions-SFAC


Mail: Register early.   Please mail your registration early to ensure placement.  If you do not have a registration form, we can e-mail you one.

Payment is due at registration and in advance of the first class.  If you need a deferred payment plan, please contact the CSM office for approval before mailing in your first payment.

After the semester begins, late registration for private lessons will be accepted for starting lessons with permission of the teacher.  Tuition will be pro-rated in the fall and spring for 10 weeks or 6 weeks. In the summer, contact us if you didn't register on time.   If you need to take a week or two off for vacation in the summer, please indicate dates off on your registration form and pay the indicated pro-rated amount.

Do not mail cash.  Make checks or money orders payable to: “UCA CSM.”

Mail payment with the CSM registration form to:


SFAC 203

201 Donaghey Ave.

Conway, AR  72035

E-mail: You may also e-mail and request a registration form be mailed to you.  We will e-mail you a registration form in a WORD document  and you may e-mail it back to you.  E-mail us at or .

PHONE: If you are a current studentPHONE us at 501-450-5755 (Jann) or 501-450-3672 (Teresa) and we can re-register you quickly!

FAX:  You may also FAX your completed registration form to 501-450-5773, Attn:  Jann Bryant.

IMPORTANT:  Past due accounts must be paid in full before the beginning of each semester.

If more than one family member is registering, use a separate form for each student.

You may copy this form.   Please note your preferred lesson time and instructor if possible.

 A new registration form is required in the fall but is not necessary for next spring if you are registered this fall.    

If a new student, please call Jann Bryant, director, at (501)450-5755 or Teresa Bumgarner at 450-3672, so we may help you select an instructor.

All Students:  The social security number or UCA CSM I.D. number of all students, 18 and over, must be listed on their registration form.  If a student is under 18, please list the soc. sec. # and name of the responsible adult.  You may call us if you prefer, and give the S.S. # over the phone.  If the student has taken lessons in the past year, he or she will already have a UCA I.D. number.  We can access that number if you do not know it.

IF MAKING A PARTIAL PAYMENT, COMPLETE, SIGN, AND RETURN THE “MULTIPLE PAYMENT FORM.” This form must be completed and signed by anyone who has made arrangements to pay in monthly payments rather than pay in full before classes start.  Please contact our office to make your arrangements for payment prior to sending in the form.  Call 450-5755 or 450-3672.

If you prefer, FAX your registration form to 501-450-5773, “Attn:  Jann Bryant,” or e-mail registration to or  Mail your check and the original registration form(s) to our office.

If you prefer to use a credit or debit card, or pay by check electronically,  contact our office first for details.



Class and lesson fees in the summer are paid in advance on a semester basis. Tuition is due in advance also during the fall and spring, but if requested, a deferred schedule of payments may be allowed, but we must have a Multiple Payment Form on file and at least 1/3 is due at registration (August, or December or January), 1/3  by the middle of the second month (September or February),  and the last 1/3 by the middle of the third month (October or March) of the semester.  The  exception to this policy is the Central Arkansas Children's Choir (CACC or CAYC) tuition, which is an annual registration.  CACC tuition may be paid in advance at registration, on a 3-payment plan over one semester, or on a monthly basis from August thru May. Students who begin private lessons or classes after the first week will pay a pro-rated amount (if openings are available) at the 10-week point or 6-week point for lessons.

  • INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: CSM lessons will be canceled if UCA cancels classes for inclement weather.  Watch the state news channels for cancellation notices.

Missed Lesson and Make-up policy:  Teachers are required to make up any lessons they cancel. Teachers are not required to make up lessons canceled by their students.  Students are responsible for attending all lessons for which they register and must notify the CSM office (501-450-5755 or 450-3672) or their teacher if they will not be able to attend a lesson.   Please ask your teacher for their phone number in case you cannot immediately contact someone in our office.

Refunds:  A full refund, less the non-refundable $20 (fall/spring) or $10 (summer) registration fee, will be given if cancellation of enrollment is made prior to the first class or lesson.  A partial refund will be given after lessons begin, based upon the following requirements:  private lessons - prior to the 4th lesson (fall or spring) and prior to the 3rd lesson (summer); group lessons or ensembles - prior to the 3rd time class meets in the fall and spring and before the 2nd class meets in the summer.   All cancellations of enrollment must be confirmed directly with Jann Bryant, CSM director, or the entire balance will be due.  Contact her at 501-450-5755 or jannb@uca.eduAfter the deadline, refunds on private lessons may only be given for medical reasons or if the student moves out of the area.

Holidays:  UCA is closed on Labor Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day and July 4th.  If you have a lesson on the day of a holiday, confirm with your teacher if you will have the lesson on the day of the holiday or on a makeup day.

UCA classes do not meet Wednesday - Friday the week of Thanksgiving or during the week of Spring Break, and we do not charge for those weeks.  In the fall semester, UCA cancels classes for Fall Break on Oct.25-26.  Those lessons will either be taught as scheduled or made up.  Our Spring Break this year is March 24-29, 2014.  Lessons are not scheduled for that week but our office will be open Monday - Friday.   In the summer, UCA Classes do not meet on Memorial Day or the 4th of July and our office is closed.  Discuss with your teacher if your lesson will meet on the holiday(s) or if you will have a makeup time.

Parking Permit Procedures:  A parking permit is required each semester and allows you to park in any designated Visitor, Faculty or Staff, Student, or UCA parking area.  Be careful to avoid parking along a red curb or in any reserved space, i.e., ARAMARK, Hall Directors, Deans, or any space with a sign or marking showing that it is RESERVED for a particular office or person.  These spaces are reserved 24/7.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us or the Police.  When you receive your receipt from the Community School office, take it to the UCA police station to receive your free permit.  The police dept. is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is located one block directly west of SFAC.