F= Fulltime UCA Faculty, V/P= Visiting or Part-time UCA Faculty, S= Suzuki, G=Graduate, U= Undergraduate
This semester our instructors include, but are not limited to:

Cello: G: You Pan, Zeng Fan

Clarinet: F: Kelly Johnson, U: Travis Shaver, Drew Flory

Composition and Theory:  F: Paul Dickinson; V/P: Mariana Aun

Fiddle, Mandolin & Bluegrass guitar: V/P:Tim Trawick

Flute: F: Carolyn Brown; G: Mary Poppelreiter

Guitar: V/P: Smokey Emerson; G: Nate Mathews

Horn: F: Brent Shires, U: Erica Moore

Oboe: F: Lorraine Duso; U: Jordan Pennington

Percussion:  F:Blake Tyson; V.P:  Mariana Aun, Brian Elizondo; U: Stephen Sivils.

Piano: F: Carl Anthony, Terrie Shires, V/P: Bart Dooley, Beth DuVall, Lynnette Stanley, G: Brooklyn Davis; U: Drew Flory, Stephen Sivils, Danyelle Wells, Matt Williams.

Saxophone:  F: Jackie Lamar (auditions required), U: Toni Aurilio, Mallory Brooks, Heather Hinesley.

String Bass:  V/P: Barron Weir

Trombone:  F: Justin Cook; U: Keith Dove

Trumpet: F: Larry Jones; U: Ethan Shaw, Will Yandell

Tuba: G:  Matt Smith

Violin: F: Linda Hsu and Ryan Mooney; V/P:  Tatiana Kotcherguina;  U: Gustavo Fernandez, Sam Trawick, Qinqing Yang.

Suzuki Violin: S: Catherine Becker (ages 4 and up)

Viola: F: Ryan Mooney; V/P:  Tatiana Kotcherguina; G:  Anna Bass; U:  Qinqing Yang


Guitar Class for Beginners:   Nate Mathews - Fall, Spring

Alexander Technique:  Cliff Hicks – Fall, Spring, Summer

Little Mozart Pre-Piano:  Terrie Shires - Fall, Spring and Summer I

Music Reading 101:  Marian Aun – Fall, Spring

Voices of Central Arkansas:  Director:  Sheri Cook-Cunningham,                    Asst. Director:   Carrie Martens,   Accompanists: Bart Dooley and Brooklyn Davis
If your current instructor is not listed, please contact us at: 501-450-5755 or 450-3672.


SPRING AND SUMMER INSTRUCTORS: To Be Announced later in year, but will include most of our current instructors.