Group Instruction

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  • Homeschool Petting Zoo:  Students from 5-18 will have the opportunity to try out different band instruments, learn about music theory and note reading in our keyboard lab, and develop musical skills through singing and games during several introductory classes on each topic.  They will also have the opportunity to play in a drumming group and learn some basics of musical theater.  All our classes will be taught by members of the UCA faculty in the Snow Fine Arts Center (SFAC) at UCA.   Introductory trial classes will be offered for each course: $20 for all five or $5 per class.  The $5 payment will be credited towards any course a student Try one or all and see which class - or classes - best fit your needs.  Fully developed classes in the most popular areas will continue following the introductory classes.  Check out these offerings:   
  1.    Wind Instrument Exploration:  A petting zoo of instruments!  Come and explore sound production and learn a basic song on various wind instruments and see which instrument might be best for you.   Classes are limited to four students due to number of instruments but more than one session will be held if more than four students register.  Instructor:  Christine Gossett; Intro class on Feb.17 was canceled due to UCA's closure, and rescheduled to Feb. 24, 3:30pm, POSTPONED DUE TO CAMPUS CLOSURE SFAC 316.  $40 for full course.
  2.    Musicing for All (General Music Class for grades K-2 or 3-5):  Develop musicianship, including literacy, through movement, composition, and improvisation - using all types of instruments and current technology.   Instructor:  Christine Gossett; Intro class Feb.19 at 2:30pm  $40 for full course
  3.    Music Reading 101 for Grades 6-12:   An inter-active introduction to the basic fundamentals of music, in which students learn basic music theory with clapping, foot-tapping, rhythmic singing, and the visual aid of a keyboard. The goal is to develop a musical vocabulary and develop reading skills that can be used across instruments and singing. This can enhance existing aural musical skills or build a strong foundation that will prepare the student for further musical study if they should so choose. Classes for grades 6-8 and 9-12 will be available.  The class will study all of the “basics” from rhythm to foundational harmony.  Instructor:  Mariana Aun; Intro Feb. 24, 2:30pm  POSTPONED DUE TO CAMPUS CLOSURE $40 for full course
  4.  Rhythmic Extravaganza:   This class, for students in grades 6-12, will focus on the study of the various aspects of rhythm using a combination of junk percussion (buckets, trash cans, etc.), body percussion (clapping, stomping, beat-boxing) and actual percussion instruments (shakers, drums, cowbells) to emulate world rhythms and create a variety of group-wide “grooves”.  Not only will the student develop sensitivity to time and beat and learn different types of rhythms, they will also develop skills essential to an ensemble member:  following directions, cooperating with one another, and listening critically in a musical setting. The class will culminate in a group performance at the end of the semester. Instructor:  Mariana Aun; TBA  $35 for full course
  5.    Musical Theatre Fundamentals:  Learn some of the basics of preparing a theatrical song for an audition or performance.  Helpful instructions that include the proper training and use of the voice, along with the development of certain musical and theatrical techniques, will assist the student in preparing and performing a musical number (or numbers!) at the end of the semester.  Instructor: Ruthann Curry Browne:  TBA  $45 for full course



Alexander Technique Group Class:  See information about the free demonstration class at the Faulkner County Library, Feb. 1, at 2pm, and our classes at UCA at

Beginner Guitar Class:  Join our popular 10-week beginner guitar class, for students ages 12 and up; Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm, beginning Feb. 12.  Learn basic chords and how to play in many different keys, and play real music you know and like!  You’ll also be reading music – both staff and tab – so you can read music on your own.  Materials fee of $7 is payable to the instructor at the first class.  Minimum of 5 students required; maximum enrollment is 10.  Instructor:  Nate Mathews, SFAC 125

Little Mozart Pre-Piano Class:  This is a fun introduction to the keyboard and an excellent program to determine a child's readiness for piano lessons.  This 6-week class is for children, approximately ages 5-7, and in Kindergarten - Second grade.  Students meet weekly: Tuesday, 5-5:30pm, beginning Feb. 17 (postponed due to illness).  Maximum enrollment: 6.  Minimum enrollment for class to make: 4. Tuition: $90. A materials fee of $15 is payable at the first class. Instructor: Terrie Shires, SFA134A  FIRST CLASS ON  FEB. 17TH WAS POSTPONED TO FEB. 24, DUE TO UCA'S CLOSURE FOR HAZARDOUS DRIVING CONDITIONS.  Two openings still remain.

Music Reading 101:  This 4-week class is for students, ages 16 and up, who want learn to read music and understand the basics of music theory.   If you used to understand and read music but have forgotten a lot and want to rekindle your musical chops, play by ear or never had a lesson and don’t know a C half note from a sharp on the staff, this class is for you!  Four weekly classes beginning  on Monday,  Feb. 2, 6:15-7:10.  Instructor:  Mariana Aun

Voices of Central Arkansas (VOCA) is for students in grades 3-12 who love to sing and want to learn to sing well!  We have three groups:  the Choristers training choir for treble voices, grades 3-5; Concert Choir for treble voices in grades 5-9, and the mixed-voice Youth Choir for 10th-12th graders and younger male students whose voices have changed, and also selected college singers.  VOCA promotes musical literacy and performance by providing a challenging, high quality choral experience for its members, and has received numerous awards and trophies since it's creation in 1996.

Information about our program, with recordings of our some of our recent performances, a schedule of upcoming important dates (including our students performing in UCA's production of The Marriage of Figaro, March 17-19), audition information and other helpful facts can be found at

We opened our season with an Ice Cream Social on Monday, September 8th in the lobby of Snow Fine Arts, followed by a parent/student meeting in the recital hall. This event provided us with an opportunity to meet returning VOCA families and welcome our new members. Our first rehearsal for Spring will be Monday, January 12th. VOCA rehearses each Monday of the school year from 6-7:30pm.  The CAYC will rehearse each Monday from 7-8:30pm.  Our Concert Choir and CAYC director is Dr. Sheri Cook-Cunningham and Ms. Carrie Martens conducts the Choristers.  Bart Dooley, music specialist at Ida Burns Elementary assists as accompanist.

Students receive instruction in vocal technique, learn a variety of music in many styles and languages, perform several concerts each semester, and participate in a regional or national music festival or competition annually.

In Spring 2013, the choir sang in performance with The American Boychoir and one of our own, Douglas Butler, auditioned for and was accepted as a new member of the American Boychoir.

During the Fall 2013 semester, VOCA performed in concert with the Conway Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Ballet and the Conway Men's Chorus.   VOCA also performed at College Square Retirement Center and at UCA's Snow Fine Arts Recital Hall.

This past semester the choir sang with the Conway Symphony Orchestra and in a production of The Christmas Carol.

VOCA members toured Ellis Island while in NYC to sing at Carnegie Hall.

VOCA members toured Ellis Island while in NYC to sing at Carnegie Hall.

In March 2014, choir members and parents flew to New York City and performed in the Festival at Carnegie Hall.  Participation in the festival was a wonderful opportunity for our members.   Members and parents visited Ellis Island, Times Square, The Gershwin Theatre where they saw Wicked, the Statue of Liberty and other famous sites in NYC.  It was an outstanding experience, musically and educationally.

AUDITION INFORMATION:  A short audition is required for membership. Auditions for the spring are now closed but we will have auditions later this spring for new students interested in joining VOCA next fall.  Parents or older students should contact the Community School office at 501-450-5755 or 450-3672, or e-mail or to schedule a 10-minute audition. A prepared piece is not required for Choristers or Children's choir, but a short 2-minute song and sight-reading is required for the CAYC.  All students are asked to match pitches. Tuition is $215 for the school year and and a payment plan may be set up upon request.

Donations are being accepted for need-based scholarships and for assisting our students who participate in the annual music festival.   Contributions are tax-deductible and additional information is on the VOCA website,,  or you may call our office at 501-450-5755.