Hello world!

Welcome to University of Central Arkansas. I've never blogged before, so I don't know exactly what to say, but I do want to welcome everyone that checks out our website.  The UCA Community School of Music welcomes you - our students and potential students.  I want your journey with us to be an asset to your life.   Music is a special language and it brings much joy.  It can bring some angst, occasionally too, but only when we aren't able to play or sing something just the way we want.  Practice is absolutely essential if you're going to get out of your lessons what you want to accomplish - and practice is what makes you capable of doing anything well!  So consider your lessons a special gift to yourself or your child or grandchild.  It will teach your children how to work hard and accomplish their goals, while they become better musicians.  It will help you develop a skill you may have always wanted to learn but didn't have the chance earlier in life to take up, or gave up too soon!   It will bring you joy and satisfaction and the knowledge that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!

As a teenager, and then after growing up, nothing could make me feel better when I was feeling rather down, than sitting at the piano and playing some beautiful music.   I might not have played it perfectly at the time, but it focused my thoughts, it put me on a higher plane, so to speak.  It made me feel better!   I've heard the same thing from friends who developed their musical skills to a point that they could pick up a piece of music and work on it on their own, just for the enjoyment or challenge of it.   Music is one of the last skills a person loses as they age.  To stay young, stay in touch with your music!