Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique for Performing Artists

In addition to his private lessons, Cliff Hicks has started a new group class as an introduction to the Alexander Technique, and there will be an Open House on Sunday, Oct. 19.  You can meet others who have taken the Group Class and have a trial class with Cliff.  Group lessons will then begin at UCA on Oct. 26 and continue for a total of 4 weeks - Sundays, from 2-3pm. Tuition is set at $75 for the entire 4 lesson session - a fantastic bargain!  A minimum enrollment of four students is required for the group class.

Sundays at the Snow Fine Arts Center

Musicians, actors and dancers perform complex tasks under demanding circumstances. The Alexander Technique is a teaching method that helps you meet those demands, and is a reliable way to reduce unnecessary tension and the associated effects of nervousness or pain. Our teacher, specially trained in the Alexander Technique, will assist you in restoring your sense of original support, upright balance and coordination as you engage in the activities of living.

People in every profession have used this technique to prevent or recover from injury, end tension headaches, overcome repetitive strain and a range of disparate problems. A set of guiding principles you keep in mind as you work can promote endurance and help you access new reserves of power and expression. For performing artists, the Technique is a means to finding inner balance so that the performance can flow, without effort. Today, it is taught and used in many prestigious institutions - the Julliard School, the American Dance Festival, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.  It has helped artists of every kind, including Yehudi Menuhin, Paul McCartney, Kevin Klein and Paul Newman.

In private lessons, you will learn the main principles of the Technique. Participants will begin to explore the basics of coordination, as Cliff uses his hands to guide each person through the movements of sitting and standing, walking, and lying on the floor. Cliff will emphasize the importance of reducing needless effort in everyday movements. In later lessons, students may choose to work on performance during the lesson.

Cliff Hicks has been a certified teacher since 1992 and is a member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).  He has worked with performing artists and others from all walks of life throughout the US and Europe. His work has included 10 years of teaching experience at Interlochen Arts Academy and one year spent working with members of the Osnabrueck Theater Orchestra in Osnabrueck, Germany. He currently teaches in Benton, AR and several area schools. Cliff resides with his wife and three children in Benton, AR.

To schedule a private lesson, contact Cliff Hicks at (501) 794-6029 or at  Registration and payment for lessons is through the CSM office.  If you're unsure if this will be helpful for you, contact Cliff about a Free Trial Lesson.

To register, complete the registration form on the Registration link.  Registration is complete upon receipt of payment and the registration form.  After payment has been made, take your receipt to the UCA Police Department to obtain a CSM Visitor's Parking Permit.


Tuition:   Private lessons:  There is normally a $75 charge if you wish to take just one class, but  free trial lessons are available upon request, at a time convenient for the instructor.   Tuition for lessons for adult students is $360 for five private lessons and $700 for 10 lessons.   A full semester of 13 lessons in the fall or spring is $900.  You may pay on a monthly basis or for the semester in advance.  The $20 registration fee will be waived if payment is made in advance at the beginning of the semester.

UCA Community Discount:

UCA Faculty,  staff and students receive a discount for Alexander Technique lessons.  There is a $50 charge for just one lesson.  Tuition for additional lessons is assessed at $48 per lesson plus a non-refundable $20 registration fee per semester (fall/spring/summer). Five lessons would be $260, ten lessons are $500.  A full semester of 13 lessons in the fall or spring is $644.   You may pay on a monthly basis or for the semester in advance.  The $20 registration fee will be waived if payment in full is made in advance.

Students enrolled in grades 7-12 will receive the same discount as the UCA community.

Payment is expected prior to any lesson.