Signs of Distressed Students


Tearfulness, frequent crying

Being irritable or outbursts of anger; loss of temper

Expressions of self-blame, guilt, shame




Deteriorating classroom performance: exams, presentations, assignments

Excessive absences

Disruptiveness; overly confrontive, aggressive, challenging, disregard for others

Bizarre or unusual statements

Expressions of dark, negative, or jarring themes or images

Slurred speech; irregularities in speech

References to suicide; statements of hopelessness and helplessness

Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were formerly enjoyable

Detached or unconcerned about others

Withdrawing from or avoiding others

Impulsiveness; acting without giving thought to consequences of actions



Difficulty with attention and concentration

Memory is impaired; limited recall; forgetfulness

Rumination; recurrent thoughts or images; can’t get something “out of my mind”



Changes in personal hygiene, appearance

Ongoing appearance of sleepiness including falling asleep in class or at work

Restlessness, frequent body movements

Dramatic weight loss or gain