Chinese Proficiency Test

UCA offers standardized Chinese proficiency testing with the HSK and YCT tests.  Registration for exams can be done either through UCA Confucius Institute (Contact  May Qin to register) or online at

Please check Confucius Institute at the University of Central Arkansas as the testing center for any online registrations.  It is recommended that students register at least thirty (30) days prior to the test date or they will miss the deadline.

Please find  the Bulletin and sample tests of HSK and YCT at:

In addition to the registration forms, please read and submit the photo release form found here if you consent to having your child photographed and their image used in promotional materials, newspapers or on the UCA Confucius Institute or Hanban website.

YCT Photo Release


2015  UCACI HSK & YCT Chinese Proficiency Test Schedule

YCT spring

Tests Test Fee Testing Time
YCT (Level I) $10 2015-04-04 9:00AM
YCT (Level II) $15 2015-04-04 9:00AM
YCT (Level III) $20 2015-04-04 9:00AM
YCT (Level IV) $25 2015-04-04 9:00AM


YCT Autumn

Tests Test Fee Testing Time
YCT (Level I) $10 2015-11-21 9:00AM
YCT (Level II) $15 2015-11-21 9:00AM
YCT (Level III) $20 2015-11-21 9:00AM
YCT (Level IV) $25 2015-11-21 9:00AM


HSKK ( Speaking Test) is also offered on Oct.02th,2015, please contact May Qin for more information.

Tests Test Fee Testing Time
HSK (Level I) $20 2015-4-18 13:30
HSK (Level II) $30 2015-4-18   9:00
HSK (Level III) $40 2015-4-18  13:30
HSK (Level IV) $50 2015-4-18   9:00
HSK (Level V) $60 2015-4-18  13:30
HSK (Level VI) $70 2015-4-18   9:00
Tests Test Fee Testing Time
HSK (Level I) $20 2015-11-14 13:30
HSK (Level II) $30 2015-11-14   9:00
HSK (Level III) $40 2015-11-14 13:30
HSK (Level IV) $50 2015-11-14   9:00
HSK (Level V) $60 2015-11-14  13:30
HSK (Level VI) $70 2015-11-14  9:00