2014 Mid-autumn celebration

In celebration of 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute, UCA Confucius Institute hosted an autumn Festival Party as a start of CI Day celebration series activities.

Hanban teachers in different school districts worked hard to organize culture class and salon related to mid-autumn Festival with students. Na Li, Chinese teacher from Rogers, brought traditional garden party to the school. She helped students to set up a culture corridor in which students did mask painting, played lantern riddles and made round paper fan, which also allowed more teachers and parents to get involve; Students in Bentonville put on a skit based on mid-autumn Festival story under the instruction of their Chinese teacher Lu Chen. Chinese teachers also made moon cakes in front of the class and instructed students to make mid-autumn posters shown to all the students and teachers in school.


Sept.12th, UCA Confucius Institute held mid-autumn party in McCastlain Ballroom on campus. More than 200 hundreds people including UCA students, faculties and American families attended this event. During the party, UCACI invited them to taste Chinese food, moon cakes and watch wonderful performance.

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