UCACI Chinese Teachers participate in the Professional Development Program Organized by Hanban


From November 15 to 17, fourteen UCACI Chinese Teachers participated in the Professional Development Program for Chinese Teachers in the U.S. organized by Hanban at Memphis.

 On the night of the 15, all teachers participated in the communication meeting to exchange thoughts about teaching and living in the U.S. The opening ceremony was held on the morning of the 16. After that, teachers were divided into four groups (pre-K, elementary level, junior high school level, and senior high school level) to attend the lectures given by teaching specialist. The lectures focused on classroom management, teaching techniques, classroom activities. After the lectures, teachers had the chance to further communicate with the specialists. On the morning of the 17, two writers of two Chinese textbooks, Mrs Lirong Cheng (Tiandi Xiongmao) and Mrs. Wanqian Lin (Chinese Treasure Chest ) gave introductions and examples on how to use the textbooks they composed respectively.  At the end of the training, Dr. Hsiang-te Kung, Director of the Confucius Institute at University of Memphis invited teachers to visit the Confucius Institute at University of Memphis.

 This Professional Development Program provided all Chinese teachers a valuable opportunity to communicate with each other, solute their questions, and learn from specialists, which received favorable response from all participants.