Deputy Consul-General Zhang Chuanbing from Chinese Consulate General in Houston Visits UCA

September 11 to 12, 2013, Deputy Consul-General Zhang Chuanbing from Chinese Consulate General in Houston visited University of Central Arkansas with Consul Xu Baiyu, Duan Fenghua, and Deng Saiying. The UCA Confucius Institute (UCACI) assisted in the reception of the visiting group.websize (4)

On the evening of September 11, Deputy Consul-General Zhang and the Consul Deng gave a lecture on China-U.S. relationship, preventive consular protection, and safety issues to Chinese students from several universities in Arkansas at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center, UCA. In the lecture, various consular protection cases were discussed as examples in order to raise the safety awareness and preparedness of students. After the lecture, members of the visiting group interacted with the students and answered their questions.

On the afternoon of September 12, the visiting group met with the UCA Provost Dr. Steve Runge and Associate Provost Dr. Wendy Lucas, accompanied by Dr. Guo-ou Zhuang, Director of UCACI, and Dr. Lucy Xiaohong Lu, Deputy Director of UCACI. They exchanged ideas and strategies on campus safety and the safety of Chinese students. After the meeting, the visiting group had a campus tour with the company of UCACI staff.websize (1)

After that, group members came to UCACI and visited the Chinese resource center and looked at the bulletin boards of UCACI. Deputy Consul-General Zhang was greatly impressed by the programs and activities offered by UCACI. The group members also met with the Chinese teachers and students representatives at the UCACI meeting room. They had a friendly and cordial talk about the work and college life abroad.

The teachers and students all expressed that the lecture on safety issues was very useful in enhancing their safety awareness. And during the conversation with the consuls, they truly felt the concern from Chinese government. They stated that they will abide by the laws and stay safe while studying in the U.S.

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