Chinese Bridge— China Tour Summer Camp for American High School Students Pre-Departure Orientation

May 25, 2013, 1:00p44m, nine students from Hot Spring High School, Bentonville High School, Arkansas School for Math, Science, and the Arts, and Conway High School, led by the chaperone Ms. Kimberly Rowan from Bentonville High participated in the Pre-Departure Orientation of the Chinese Bridge – China Tour Summer Camp for American High School. This orientation was organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Central Arkansas (UCACI). Dr. Gou-ou Zhuang, Director of UCACI, and Mrs. Lucy Xiaohong Lu, Deputy Director of UCACI gave summer campers a brief introduction of current Chinese situation, summer camp program, safety issue, travel tips, etc. Dr. Zhuang and Mrs. Lu answered various questions from students and their parents.

This summer camp is sponsored by Chinese Confucius Institute Headquarters, starting from  July 10 to July 25. During the ten-day camp, students will visit the places of interests in Beijing and Tianjin, experience Chinese culture, learn Chinese language, and also have the opportunities to stay with the local Chinese families and have in-depth communication with Chinese peers.