Confucius Institute for Arkansas Holds “Doing Business with China,” a Business Culture Seminar

May 21 and 22, 2012 – The Confucius Institute for Arkansas held a seminar for Dassault Falcon Jet entitled “Doing Business with China.”  It was part of the Confucius Institute’s ongoing mission to educate students and businesses on cultural understanding.  The seminar was an all day affair, given twice.

The seminar covered a series of topics that will benefit Dassault Falcon in their future business dealings with China.  It began with a brief discussion of the elements of Chinese culture that can be involved during business dealings and how these elements are changing as the younger generation gains prominence in the business world.  One of the main components of the seminar was a discussion of etiquette during business meals and banquettes.  Lunch was served after this discussion, allowing those in attendance to practice what they learned.

The afternoon was spent on the discussion of negotiation strategies that can be used in their business meetings.  This ranged from what gifts are appropriate to what colors or numbers used on their products would increase sales to ways to adapt to the negotiation strategies used by their Chinese counterparts.

Those in attendance appreciated the real world skills taught by the Confucius Institute that they were able to take back to their company, as well as the stories from history when cultural misunderstandings halted the business process.  They also benefited from the exposure to Chinese history and culture, which was the first experience for many who attended the seminar.