UIBE Art Troupe Celebrates Lantern Festival with UCA Students and Teachers

February 7, 2012 – The art troupe from Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) presented a series of cultural performances in celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival at 7:00 PM at UCA’s Reynolds Performance Hall.  The theater was filled with UCA teachers and students along with members of the Conway community.

The troupe had been touring the American south, performing in venues from Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Georgia.  This tour was sponsored by the University of International Business and Economics as well as Hanban, the Chinese office dedicated to the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.  This performance was also sponsored by the UCA Confucius Institute of Arkansas.

Dr. John Parrack, the interim Director of International Engagement, opened the show with warm remarks welcoming the performers from UIBE, along with the university officials who were traveling with them, and expressed the desire for continued collaboration between UIBE and the University of Central Arkansas.  The performance featured two traditional dances from Chinese ethnic groups, the Dai and the Xinjiang.  There were Shaolin and Taiji martial arts demonstrations as well as a snippet from the Beijing Opera Tiannvsanhua.  Along with the traditional Beijing Opera performance, the UIBE troupe had a Face Changing performance that has its roots in Sichuan Opera as well as a Chinese acrobatic balancing act.  Also, the troupe performed the Chinese song Good Life and gave the Americans in the audience a taste of the festivities from Chinese New Year.  Rounding out the traditional Chinese performances was a rendition of the Alan Jackson song, Little Bitty.

American Country Music "Little Bitty"

University of Central Arkansas Exchanging Gifts with UIBE



February 7, 2012 – Two professors from Beijing, China’s University of International Business and Economics, Dr. Men Ming and Dr. Feng Naixiang spoke to an auditorium filled with business students from UCA’s College of Business about China’s economic development over the past 30 years.

UCA Students Listening to the Lecture on China’s Economy


February 8, 2012 – The art troupe from Beijing, China’s University of International Business and Economics performed for the students of College Station Elementary School in College Station, Arkansas, just southeast of Little Rock.  All of the students in attendance were excited for the show and many were eager to volunteer for the audience participation portions of the show.  After the performance, the performers from UIBE posed for photos alongside the students and teachers.

Students Excited to Learn a Chinese Dance