Chinese Teachers Recognized by Arkansas Department of Education

Thirteen Chinese teachers were awarded “Arkansas Traveler” by Arkansas State Board of Education on Monday, February 14, 2011.  Beverly Williams, assistant commissioner of Arkansas Department of Education introduced all of the teachers to Arkansas Board of Education and explained that  all of the teachers are from China and joined the “Teach Chinese in Arkansas Program” sponsored by UCA Confucius Institute and Arkansas Department of Education and Hanban. Eleven teachers were present accompanied by their school district leaders. Dr. Guo-ou Zhuang, director of UCA CI explained how UCA CI works and the coming event at UCA CI.

After the meeting, the teachers have a tour of the state capital and had lunch at ADE. School district leaders exchanged their thoughts during lunch. Joyce Craft, superintendent at Hot Springs School District said it is a very good program and the students there all love it.  Sandra Smith, assistant principal at Wynne high school said it is such a beneficial program to the students; the schools could not afford not to have this program.

The teachers were introduced to the state senators and the house of representative while the legislatures were in session. The senators and representatives all stood up to applause the teachers for their contribution.

‘It is such a great opportunity for me and I think for all of us, we hope Arkansas people would know that we have Chinese teachers here in Arkansas to help them know more about our culture and language.’ said one of the teachers.