Student Center Board

Charge: Recommends and formulates policies governing events in the Student Center.

Membership: Director of Student Activities, Director of Student Center, President of the Student Senate, five faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate for rotating five-year terms, and five students appointed by the Student Senate. Chair is Director of Student Activities.


Kendra Regehr                             Director of Student Activities, Chair         Permanent

Hank Phelps                                 Director of the Student Center                Permanent

Debbie Bratton (UC)                     Faculty Senate Appointment                    2016

Amber Wilson (LIB)                       Faculty Senate Appointment                    2017

Marilyn Friga (ED)                        Faculty Senate Appointment                     2017

Jaime Zimbrano (LA)                    Faculty Senate Appointment                     2014

Lisa Christman (UC)                     Faculty Senate Appointment                     2015

Spencer Sims                                President, Student Government               2013

Pilar Simmons                               SGA Appointment                                   2013

Ashley Ross                                  SGA Appointment                                   2013

Luke Moix                                     SGA Appointment                                   2013

Austin Dodson                              SGA Appointment                                    2013

Sarah Booth                                   SGA Appointment                                   2013
Meetings: on call

Reports to: Vice-president for Student Services

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees             �

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