Student Center Board


Recommends and formulates policies governing events in the student center.


The director of student activities, director of student center, president of Student Government Association, five full-time continuing faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate for rotating three-year terms, and five students appointed by the Student Government Association for one-year terms. Chair is director of student activities.


Member Term Title
Kendra Regehr Permanent, chair Director of Student Activities
Zach Carter 2016 President, Student Government Association
Hank Phelps Permanent Director of Student Center
Christine Donahue (CFAC) 2016 Faculty Senate Appointment
Amber Wilson (LIB) 2017 Faculty Senate Appointment
Marilyn Friga (COE) 2018 Faculty Senate Appointment
Chrissy Karafit (LIB) 2019 Faculty Senate Appointment
Angela Greenland (COE) 2020 Faculty Senate Appointment
Kadascia Dykes (Non Traditional) 2016 SGA Appointment
Jacob Wickliffe (Senior)  2016 SGA Appointment
Ryan Joyner (Sophomore) 2016 SGA Appointment
Dylan Kimery (Senior) 2016 SGA Appointment
Kendall Leggett (Sophomore)  2016 SGA Appointment


on call

Reports to

Vice-president for Student Services

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