Sponsored Programs Advisory Committee


To advise the director of sponsored programs about sponsored program opportunities, general operations of this unit, and the use of sponsored program funds for facilitating and rewarding the preparation of project proposals.


  1. Each vice president and dean appoints one faculty/staff.
  2. Faculty Senate elects three additional members (no more than one per college).

Each member serves three-year terms. The director of sponsored programs chairs this committee.


Member Term Title
Stephanie Bellar, Chair Permanent Director of Sponsored Programs
VACANT Executive VP & Provost
VACANT VP  for Advancement
VACANT VP for Finance & Administration
VACANT VP for Student Services & Institutional Diversity
Arijit Mukherjee 2018 Faculty Senate Appointee
Shoudong Feng (COE) 2018 Faculty Senate Appointee
Gail Robertson (CFAC) 2018 Faculty Senate Appointee
Ken Griffin 2018 COB
Donna Wake 2018 COE
vacant 2015 CFAC
Tina Mankey 2018 CHBS
Mike Rosenow 2018 CLA
vacant 2015 CNSM


on call

Reports to



Please send the agenda and minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

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