Sponsored Programs Advisory Committee

Charge: To advise the director of sponsored programs about sponsored program opportunities, general operations of this unit, and the use of sponsored program funds for facilitating and rewarding the preparation of project proposals.

Membership: Each vice president and dean appoints one faculty/staff, and the Faculty Senate elects three additional members (no more than one per college) to serve three-year terms. The director of sponsored programs chairs this committee.


Tim Atkinson, Chair                                    Director of Sponsored Programs         Permanent

Heather Martens (HBS)                                    Faculty Senate Appointment          2015

Pat Desrochers (NSM)                               Faculty Senate Appointment               2015

Renee Le Beau-Ford (LIB)                        Faculty Senate Appointment              2014

Sandy Ahne                                                  VP for Administrative Services           2013

Veda Charlton                                              VP for Student Services                      2013

Donna Wake  (ED)                                    College Dean Appointment               2015

Susan Meyers (BUS)                                 College Dean Appointmen                2014

Mary Garnica (HBS)                                   College Dean Appointmen                 2013

Reinaldo Morales (FAC)                            College Dean Appointment                2014

Clay Arnold (LA)                                         College Dean Appointment                2013

Pat Carmack (NSM)                                   College Dean Appointment                2012

Meetings: on call

Reports to: Provost

Please send the agenda and minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

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