Retention Committee

Charge: To serve as an advisory group to the president regarding retention issues. More specifically, the committee is charged with researching retention issues nationally and on campus, informing the president of key issues, and making recommendations regarding possible response options to the issues.

Annual Report and Presentation: The Faculty Senate requests that this committee provide a written report to the Faculty Senate by November 15 of each year. This report should summarize the body´s activities during the prior year, provide appropriate statistics and data, and outline long-range planning for the following year. This report should be approved by the membership of the committee. The chair of this committee shall contact the President of the Faculty Senate to schedule a presentation to the full Senate by this same date.

Membership: Eight faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate for rotating four-year terms (one representative from each of the six colleges, one representative from among faculty who teach in exemplary studies, and one representative from among faculty who teach in transitional studies); Representative from Student Affairs; Director of Student Activities; Director of Affirmative Action; Director of Institutional Research; Director of Counseling Center; Director of Housing; Representative from Admissions. Committee Chair is appointed by the President.


Robert Parrent                                                       Chair, Presidential Appointment     Permanent

Mike Hargis  (BUS)                                                 Faculty Senate Appointment           2015

VACANT (ED)                                                    Faculty Senate Appointment

VACANT (FAC)                                    Faculty Senate Appointment

VACANT (HBS)                                              Faculty Senate Appointment

Jesse Butler (LA)                                                    Faculty Senate Appointment            2015

VACANT (NSM)                                               Faculty Senate Appointment

Phil Frana                                                              Faculty Senate Appointment           2015

VACANT  (UC)                                                 Faculty Senate Appointment

Hank Phelps                                                          Representative, Student Affairs      Permanent

Director of Affirmative Action        Permanent

Amber Hall                                                           Director of Institutional Research   Permanent

Ernie Ness                                                             Director of Counseling Center       Permanent

Penny Hatfield                                                       Representative, Admissions           Permanent

Kendra Regehr                                                      Director of Student Activities         Permanent

Stephanie McBrayer                                               Director of Housing                      Permanent

Meetings: on call

Reports to: President

Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees          �

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