Public Appearances Committee

Charge: Coordinates the work of and establishes the policies for the Public Appearances Series at the university. The series, which includes a variety of lectures, art exhibits, dramatic productions, and concerts, is intended not only to provide entertainment, but to enrich the cultural and educational atmosphere of the university community.

Membership: Four faculty members selected by the Faculty Senate, two staff members selected by the Staff Senate and six students selected by the Student Senate. The faculty and staff positions are for rotating three year terms; students serve one year terms. The chair is named by the President.


Jerry Biebesheimer                                                           Chair, Presidential Appointment  Permanent

Cindy Shelton (HBS)                                                          Faculty Senate Appointment   2013

Kevin Browne (FAC)                                                          Faculty Senate Appointment    2016

Jennifer Rospert (FAC)                                                      Faculty Senate  Appointment   2014

Christian Carichner (FAC)                                                Faculty Senate Appointment    2015

Kimberly Ashley-Pauley                                                   Staff Senate Appointment       2014

Jack Phillips                                                                      Staff Senate Appointment        2016

Daniel Becker                                                                   Student Senate Appointment    2013

Jarred Turner                                                                    Student Senate Appointment    2013

Heather Forsythe                                                              Student Senate Appointment    2013

Justin Merkel                                                                    Student Senate Appointment    2013

Blake Brizzolara                                                               Student Senate Appointment    2013

Sarah Booth                                                                     Student Senate Appointment    2013

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