Distance Education/Extended Learning Advisory Committee

This committee was temporarily suspended until a thorough review of its charge and membership is completed. (9/12/2014)

With the growth of UCA Online, this committee is temporarily being re-constituted to serve in support of UCA Online. The committee will be re-constituted for this purpose. Below is the committee as it stood prior to the above noted temporary suspension. The original membership is listed in the first FOUR numbered members. However, some names of positions have changed and are listed in italics next to the original name. In addition, it has been proposed to add additional members. These are in italics without a preceding original membership.


In accordance with Board Policy 409, the Distance Education/Extended Learning Advisory Committee, chaired by the dean of Academic Outreach and Extended Programs (AOEP), shall be responsible for the administration of policy 409, applying the policy equitably, and ensuring appropriate agreements are completed prior to mounting web-based courses for full delivery on the university’s server. The committee will make recommendations for the approval of reassigned time or summer stipends for faculty seeking to convert courses to full Internet delivery. In addition, the committee will make recommendations regarding support of academic courses delivered through distance technology.

To advise and coordinate policies, procedures and processes in supporting UCA Online courses and UCA Online learning.


  1. The dean of Academic Outreach and Extended ProgramsDirector of Online Learning serving as chair.
  2. a representative from each college and one member representing unaffiliated faculty, and
  3. a representative from GSMLAthe graduate school.
  4. Serving as ex officio members:
    1. The coordinator of credit programs and representative from admissions and from academic advising to be added as voting members
    2. distance education and the as the Director of Online Learning is chairing this committee, IST representative will be added to this committee as a voting member
    3. director of the IDC shall  CTE representative as a voting member
  5. New membership being recommended:
    1. One dean appointed by the council of deans
    2. The director of the library or representative
    3. One undergraduate student appointed by the SGA (1 year term)
    4. One graduate student appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School (1 year term)

All members are selected on a rotational basis with each member serving a term of two three year terms. The dean of AOEP serves as the chair.

Member Term Title Representing
Michael Judge Permanent Director of Online Learning
Chris Davis Permanent Vice-President for IST  or representative IST
Amy Hawkins Permanent Director of CTE or representative CTE
Permanent Admissions representative
Permanent Academic Advising representative
Permanent Director of the Library or representative
Permanent Dean of the Graduate School or representative
3 year term Dean appointed by the council of deans
 Carla Barber 2019  Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate  COB
Nykela Jackson 2019  Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate  COE
3 year term  Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate  CNSM
Tami Phillips 2019  Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate  CFAC
 Buck Foster 2019  Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate  CLA
 Stacy Harris 2019  Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate  CHBS
Amber Wilson 2019  Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate  unaffiliated
1 year term  Undergraduate student appointed by the SGA
1 year term  Graduate student appointed by the Graduate Dean


on call during the summer term, expected to be monthly during the fall and spring semesters.

Reports to


Updated on: 4/12/2016