Love Math and Science? Teach it!

 Did you know? The Arkansas Department of Higher Education offers federal student  loan forgiveness for math and science teachers. See for more information.

Interested? Take "Step 1"  for free in the Fall or Spring Semester

For more information (or to sign-up) contact the

UCA STEMteach co-directors:

Dr. Stephen Addison,, 450-3199

Dr. Gary Bunn, garyb@uca.edu852-2964

What is STEMteach?

UCA STEMteach is a science and mathematics preparation program that models the UTeach program, which began at the University of Texas in 1997. The program is unique in its early, intensive field experiences for teacher candidates, the use of Master Teachers as instructors, and the development of teacher candidates’ content knowledge and effective teaching strategies. Program faculty and master teachers will even continue to support candidates after graduation during the earliest, most difficult years of teaching.

Who should try STEMteach?

Math or science majors who are interested in adding an extra career option to their degree! The degree plans for STEMteach candidates provide the same rigorous preparation for graduate or medical schools and do not take any longer to complete than the non-teaching degree option.

UCA STEMteach Goals:

  • To attract and retain more and better students into secondary math and science career paths.
  • To establish an enriching curriculum that integrates modern technological teaching tools, opportunities to experience the joy of scientific discovery and problem solving, and a mastery of the content.
  • To prepare outstanding math and science teachers who are leaders of their discipline, integrate technology to enhance the classroom, and involve students in inquiry-based learning.


What are the benefits of STEMteach?

  •  Earn your Bachelor of Science degree with teacher licensure within 4 years.
  •     Additional career options after graduation.
  •     Direct access to master teachers with extensive mathematics and science teaching backgrounds.
  •     Teaching experience that begins the very first semester of the program.
  •     Paid internship opportunities.
  •     The chance to share with the next generation your enthusiasm and knowledge of mathematics and science!


How UCA STEMteach Works:

UCA STEMteach provides math and science majors the opportunity to try out teaching without cost and before ever committing to the STEMteach program. Beginning with two free one-hour courses, students get the opportunity to develop and deliver quality math and science lessons to students in area classrooms.
For those who want to continue, the STEMteach program integrates with the math or science program of study to add teacher licensure to the original degree. Upon completion of the degree, STEMteach graduates have the same opportunities for graduate school or doctoral programs as other math and science majors with the additional option of teaching.


UCA STEMteach Courses:

STEP 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching

STEP 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design

  • Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science
  • Classroom Interactions
  • Project-Based Instruction
  • Research Methods for Secondary Science and Mathematics
  • Perspectives on Science and Mathematics
  • Functions and Modeling (math majors only)
  • Apprentice Teaching and Seminar

“What do we know works to improve student achievement in K-12 education? I’d say great teachers who know the content.” –Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education


How do I begin?

  1. Add STEMteach to your Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics or science. Take STEP 1 for free. Explore math and science teaching in this introductory course.
    Working closely with a master teacher, you will design lessons and learn teaching strategies through a hands-on approach. You will experience teaching three lessons in a local elementary school.
  2. If you like it, take STEP 2 where your master teacher will help you to develop additional lessons that will be taught for students in an area middle school.
  3. This early experience in the classroom will prepare you to dive into the rest of the program to become a highly qualified high school math or science teacher.