Event Announcement:

The UCA American Chemical Society Club, the Department of Chemistry, and the STEM Residential College are proud to announce that Donna Nelson, the Science Adviser for the hit TV show Breaking Bad, will be here September 26, 2014, to give a seminar. The event will begin at 7:00 pm in the Student Center Ballroom. The talk is free, but paces are limited so you will need to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

To reserve your spot for her talk, please complete the form at https://uca.edu/web/forms/view.php?id=851. We look forward to seeing you there.


Question:  How do I get on the waiting list?

Answer: We're glad you asked!  Here is the link



Question:  When will I know if I get into a class I've filled out a wait list form?

Answer:  You have the possibility of being added to the class until the business day before classes start. The department processes multiple wait lists per class, and if a seat becomes available, you will be emailed at the address you provide, so part of this also depends on how frequently you check your email. In rare circumstances, we may call you and leave a voicemail.


Question:  Why can't the class be overfilled by one student?

Answer:  It is a safety hazard to place more than the maximum number of students into the laboratory rooms, so under no circumstances will the classes be filled beyond the maximum number allowed.

Question:  Who do I need to talk to for an override for unmet prerequisites, time conflicts, and taking more than 18 hours during the semester?

Answer: If you have met the prerequisites, you may speak to anyone in the department office (1-501-852-8282) if you have proof that the prerequisites are met. If you have not met the prerequisites but feel that you should be allowed into a class anyway, you may contact the department chair: Patrick Desrochers – patrickd@uca.edu.

Question:  How do I see my schedule?

Answer:  Log in to “my.uca.edu,” go to the “Self Service” tab, and click on “Student & Financial Aid.” Click on “Registration,” then either “Week at a Glance” or “Student Detail Schedule.” Both links have the same information, just in different formats.