K. C. Cavender

Assistant Professor


Laney-Manion 303C

(501) 450-5944


My training is in organic chemistry. My teaching responsibilities include the Organic Chemistry I and II sequence (2401/3411), General Chemistry for Health Sciences (1402), and Intro to Organic and Biochemistry (2450). For most of my time at UCA, I have been involved in advising students. I started as a freshman registration advisor during the summer of 1988, and have continued to serve as a summer advisor on and off since then. I spent three years in the Academic Advising Center as the advisor for all the freshman students majoring in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (2000 – 2003). In the Chemistry Department, I have advised Pre-Medical Chemistry majors, served on the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee, and am now advising Pre-Pharmacy majors. I was a computer nerd before desktops, before such a thing as a Computer Science major. I was one of the first graduate students in the Chemistry Department at Ohio University to use a computer and word processing software to write my dissertation (and then to produce the final draft for presentation and printing). I have been a part of the UCA Technology Faculty Associates program, and have made some presentations on using technology for classroom use and record-keeping. I also provided training for the Academic Advising Center in using Excel spreadsheets to manage advisee data, and did some of the initial work on the web page for the Advising Center. I often serve as a resource for chemistry colleague with computer-related problems. I have a strong interest in applying technology to my job as an instructor and participated in the early stages of the UCA transition from WebCT to Blackboard. While at UCA, I have taken several computer science and math classes, and aspire to pursuing computer-related projects in the course of my job the best part of which is helping students achieve their dreams. More information can be found on Dr. Weaver’s web page.


Current CV


Syllabi for Courses Taught 

General Chemistry for the Health Sciences: Cavender, CHEM 1402, Spring 2018

Organic Chemistry II: Cavender, CHEM 3411, Spring 2018

General Chemistry for the Health Sciences: Cavender, CHEM 1402, Spring 2017

Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry: Cavender, CHEM 2450, Spring 2016

Organic Chemistry I: Cavender, CHEM 2401, Fall 2017

Organic Chemistry II: Cavender, CHEM 3411, Spring 2017