Donald A. Perry


Laney-Manion 303C

(501) 450-5944

Our work focuses on various applications in nanotechnology which is truly an interdisciplinary field. The overriding goal of our research is to learn to control and characterize the chemistry of organic and biological molecules in proximity to small metal nanostructures. Different projects include areas of biochemistry, environmental, physical and organic chemistry. Some of the systems we investigate are analgesics (such as aspirin and ibuprofen), amino acids, pesticides/herbicides, and a range of different aromatic isomers that are of interest in a host of applications including organic synthesis, catalysis, medicine, cosmetics, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, the automotive industry, and energy and space research. The courses I teach are College Chemistry I and II (1450 & 1451), Physical Chemistry I (4450), and Environmental Chemistry (4152)

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Syllabi for Courses Taught in the Past:

CHEM 1450

CHEM 1451