Community Story Circle

Stories of Fear, Courage, and Resilience

6:00–7:30 PM, September 20, 2017

Join Core Performance Company, dance artists dual-based in Atlanta and Houston, as they facilitate a Story Circle inspired by the events of 1957 when nine courageous teenagers dared to integrate Little Rock Central High School, despite the climate of fear. Participants are invited to tell their stories of fear, courage, and resilience.

About Story Circles

“The stories we are able to tell ourselves and others, those we can understand and imagine, define not only what we believe to have already occurred, but what we believe to be possible in our individual and collective lives. Story Circles engender appreciation for the unique intellectual, emotional, and spiritual qualities of each participant, and develop oral expression and listening skills.  Each one of our stories is a gift to those who are listening, with the quality of the listening a gift in return to the storyteller.”

Photo by Jasmine Roberts, courtesy of CORE Performance Company

Taken from: ROADSIDE THEATER’S STORY CIRCLE METHODOLOGY as it appears in Engaging Performance: Theatre as Call and Response: by Jan Cohen-Cruz (Routledge)

About Core Performance Company, dance organization

CORE Performance Company, led by co-founder and artistic director Sue Schroeder, in 2017 will mark 37 years of dance-making through risk taking, innovation, community building, collaboration, mentoring, and investigation. Since 1980, CORE has performed 125 pieces of original choreography across the globe, collaborating with the renowned and the obscured. CORE’s work also leads them to share what they know about bodies and movement with isolated populations —those dealing with abuse, homelessness, language barriers, eating disorders, refugee status, substance abuse, aging, and HIV/AIDS.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Dr. Gayle Seymour at or call 501-450-3295.