BOLT – Professionalism

Frequent reference is made to a “professional attitude” and “professional conduct” on the part of persons engaged in occupations considered professions. These are not easy to define in a few words, but there are certain characteristics associated with professional status. One outcome of earning a college degree is the potential to be hired for professional job. Learning and adopting the job attitudes and behaviors of a professional while you are still a student will be valuable to your career.

Professional workers:

  1. Take full responsibility for the results of their efforts and actions. They may seek advice and consultation but they do not attempt to transfer responsibility for their mistakes to others.
  2. Continually seek self-improvement. They take advantage of every opportunity to gain/enhance their knowledge and understanding in connection with their professional duties.
  3. Respect the confidence of others. The welfare of those they serve often requires that information concerning them remains confidential.
  4. Are loyal to their fellow workers. They do not gossip about them or the clients they serve. They understand the importance of teamwork.
  5. Avoid rumors. They do not repeat or give credit to information received through the “grapevine”. They secure information directly from those authorized to release it.
  6. Address their grievances through proper channels. They discuss them directly and privately with those authorized to make adjustments. They refrain from complaining and grumbling to others.
  7. Are sensitive to the problems of their fellow workers. They consider the effect of their actions on the welfare of fellow workers.
  8. Meet their professional obligations. They fulfill all agreements and obligations entered into with fellow workers.
  9. Do not advance themselves at the expense of others. They strive for recognition and advancement in the profession only on the basis of superior and professional performance.
  10. Are proud of their profession. They reflect to those outside the profession a pride and satisfaction in the work in which they are engaged.

Adapted from the Career Advisor Guide, Curricular-Career Information Service, the Career Center, Florida State University