America’s Car-Mart – Internship

Job Location:  Conway, AR
Job Title: Fall Management Intern
Pay: TBD


  • Open to all Business majors
  • Graduation Range:  December 2017-May 2018
  • Must be U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Work up to 28 hours a week


  • Summary: Gains knowledge and experience required for basic knowledge of dealership functions
  • Receives training and performs duties in several departments such as office, service, collections, sales, and inventory
  • Learns lot level staff functions, operations, and company policies and practices that affect each phase of business
  • Works next to associates to acquire knowledge of methods, procedures, and standards required for performance of departmental duties
  • Receives training in functions and operations of related departments to facilitate subsequent transferability between departments and to provide greater promotional opportunities
  • After initial training, can be asked to assume management accountability within operational functions or entire lots to demonstrate mastery of the technical and soft skills connected with management positions
  • Ensures the quality of every customer service experience meets and/or exceeds Company standards

How to Apply:  Email your resume to Sala Dioffo at

Deadline to apply: September 15, 2017