Rules And Regulations

The UCA HPER Center is for use by current students and faculty/staff members only.   All users must abide by the rules and regulations.  Failure to do so may result in a participant losing recreational privileges.  General facility rules and regulations for the UCA HPER Center follow:

1. A strict ID policy will be enforced.  All participants (students and faculty/staff members) must be prepared to present a UCA ID with photo. Illegal use of an ID card will result in the confiscation of that card and subsequent report filed with the Dean of Students or other appropriate department. Illegal use of an ID card may also result in a suspension of recreational privileges.

2. Please adhere to the HPER Center Code of Conduct.

A. Respect UCA HPER Center facilities and equipment

B. No violent or aggressive behavior. No foul or offensive language. Show good sportsmanship

C. Be courteous to others. Show respect for the privacy and property of others.

D. Wear appropriate attire in each area of the facility.

E. Follow all policies, procedures and regulations for the use of HPER Center.

3. HPER Center is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Properly secure your belongings.

4. Smoking and/or chewing tobacco is not permitted in any area of the UCA HPER Center.

5. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied admission to the UCA HPER Center.  Illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

6. Chewing gum, food and drink are not permitted in the HPER Center (except for water in non-spillable plastic containers). Glass containers are not allowed.

7. Recreational and activity users must wear appropriate workout gear, including athletic shoes at all times.   Shoes should have non-marking soles.  Street shoes, sandals and bare feet are not acceptable. Shirts must be worn at all times in all areas except in gym floor (basketball) area.

8. No bicycles, roller blades, skate boards, or scooters allowed. No pets

9. Attempts to help students or non students enter the HPER Center through any door other than the Front entrance will result in student being asked to leave the HPER Center immediately. Repeated attempts may result in a suspension of recreational privileges.

10. Track regulations

a. Track is for runners, joggers, and walkers.

b. All walkers should position themselves to the inside of the track; runners to the outside.

c. Faster runners should pass to the outside of slower runners.

d. Only appropriate athletic, running, walking or training shoes are to be worn on the track.

e. Stretching is not allowed on track, but in designated areas.

f. Arrows are used to indicate the daily directional flow of traffic.  Always follow arrow direction.


Zero Tolerance Dunking Policy – All recreational privileges may be suspended for any individual who dunks, grasps or hangs on any basketball rim or net in any fashion on any court. When caught dunking violators will be asked to leave the HPER Center immediately. Repeated violators or those dunking prior to leaving the HPER Gym will lose HPER Center privileges.

Dunk – Driving, forcing, pushing, rolling or attempting to force or roll a ball through the basket with the hand(s).

12. Intentionally throwing or kicking a ball into the walls may result in immediate ejection from the HPER Center.

13. Participants CREATING a PROBLEM or DISTURBANCE will be asked to leave or will be escorted off the premises by UCA police.

14. Anyone arguing with the student supervisor over any of the above rules, will be asked to leave the facility. On any second offense the offender may be banned for up to one month. Upon being banned from the facility the violator must submit in writing a request asking permission to return.