Personal Training Staff

Meet Your Personal Training Team!


IMG_6891Chris Carroll

Chris has been a certified personal trainer since the summer of 2012.  Fitness has been his passion for the last five years, and he looks for every chance possible to help others reach their personal goals.  During his senior year at Nashville High School he was put in charge of the workout program by team coaches.  He loves to see the progress that his clients can achieve.  Chris is a junior at UCA and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences with an emphasis on Physical Therapy. Chis currently is also continuing to build on his knowledge and experience in exercise testing and prescription as part of the fitness assessment staff at the HPER Center.  He is very excited about the chance to help others reach their personal health and fitness goals.


153 Sierra Owen

Sierra is a recent graduate from UCA with a degree in Kinesiology.  She is a certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) personal trainer.  Living a healthy lifestyle became a habit for her after experiencing her own weight gain early in her college career, making her more relatable to many client who have been down that all too familiar road.  Sierra loves to encourage other to follow her lead, and help them realize it’s never too late to make those healthy lifestyle choices.  Sierra enjoys working with all age groups and helping them reach their health and fitness goals.  She strives to not only teach people how to achieve those goals, but also to leave her clients with the tools and knowledge they need to continue to lead a health lifestyle  Whatever goals you have, Sierra can help you reach them!

021 Jared Whitmire

Jared has been a personal trainer since the summer of 2015.  Physical activity has always been a passion of his since youth.  As a personal trainer he loves helping his client set goals and seeing that they are achieved.  Jared is a graduate of UCA and is currently working towards a doctorate in Industrial Organization Psychology.  Jared also continues to perform fitness assessment at the HPER Center. He looks forward to helping improve your quality of life and overall wellness.