Inclement Weather Hours

HPER Center Inclement Weather Policy

The HPER Center is included in the essential facilities and services of the university. Therefore, when classes are in session and the campus is closed or classes are cancelled the HPER Center will continue its operation with abbreviated hours. When classes are not in session and the campus is closed the HPER Center will NOT open.

The HPER Center inclement weather policy is directly linked to the university decision regarding inclement weather. UCA decisions regarding class cancellations or campus closing are generally made by 5:30am and those decisions would be announced:

1.The university’s web page ( via UCA TODAY.

2. Local and regional radio stations (FM 107.7, 102.9, 102.1, 98.5, 100.7, 96, 91.3, AM 920 KARN, 1230 KCON).

3. UCA Channel 6 and state television stations in Little Rock (ABC – Channel 7, NBC – Channel 4, and CBS – Channel 11)

4. Recorded messages at the university’s telephone phone number:  (501) 450-5000.

HPER Center Inclement Weather Policies may change due to changing weather conditions so we strongly encourage Students/Faculty/Staff to check our website, HPER Center Face Book page or call the Front Office number (501) 450-5712 for recorded last minute changes to our hours of operations during severe weather conditions.


WHEN CLASSES ARE IN SESSION: (i.e. fall & spring semester, summer sessions)

When the university is closed or classes are cancelled the HPER Center will have abbreviated hours of operation.

Normal Operation Hours Inclement Weather Operation Hours*
Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 3pm
Sunday 3pm – 9pm

*If inclement weather is either AM or PM HPER hours may vary, please call the HPER Center: (501) 450-5712

  • Delayed Start Time

In cases in which weather conditions are unfavorable in the morning but EXPECTED to improve during the day, the university may implement a delayed-start time. UCA will announce a delayed-start time as early as possible on the morning of the delay.  When the university announces a delayed-start time the HPER will observe the hours of the University.

  • Campus Early Close

If classes are cancelled or the President closes the campus during the day because of inclement weather, the HPER Center will close at 6:00pm. In case of severe inclement weather call the HPER Center Front office (501) 450-5712 for exact closing time.

WHEN CLASSES ARE NOT IN SESSION: (i.e. fall & spring break, winter break)

  • When the campus is closed due to inclement weather the HPER Center will NOT open.
  • If the campus is open with either delayed start time or early close the HPER Center will observe the hours of the University.

Printable copy of inclement weather hours